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Thread: Question for CD's who dress all the way or nothing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Territx View Post
    I only dress 100% or nothing -- do not understand the attraction to partially dressing (I am not saying that it doesn't exist for others, just that it is not for me). Even when I was (much) younger, starting out, I enjoyed being completely dressed more than wearing certain items, but I did not have access to makeup --
    I'm like Terri--only 100% or nothing, and like Terri this was always true when I was a kid as well. I know I didn't dress all the way then the way i would today, but that was only because I didn't have the access. So I'd say I was dressed all the way even then, at least as much I could.

    I also don't understand underdressing, but I wish I did! I wish I could satisfy the need a little underdressing, but it just doesn't appeal to me

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    Whenever I go out in public I dress all the way including make up, you may see my picture threats for my appearance.

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    Same here. i do find it a bit stressful, but do it all the way, or nothing, when i dress, occasionally. I d onot dress that often anymore, though. Trying to be more balanced and nurture my man self.

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    It is all or nothing. I absolutely adore makeup after putting in the time and money to get good at it. False eyelashes give me butterflies still. I love the transformation. I still remember the first time looking in the mirror
    and seeing someone completely different. I did not recognize myself. It is such a mesmerizing and lovely experience. I strive for that every time and I still have so much to learn.
    I have been circling for a thousand years,
    and I still don?t know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
    or a great song.

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    I can be very happy just with cloths (I do have to have boobs in) I just avoid mirrors lol

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    I don't really consider my self "dressing" unless I am totally complete. That includes makeup and wig. I may not set foot outside but I am not dressing if I am not going all the way.

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    I feel like cd'ing is a bit of a slippery slope. I never have gone past a simple outfit at home and maybe a tiny bit of makeup. I do find that the joy of dressing seems to require more and more of a feminine look to get that thrill that I used to get from just some panties.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy-Somthing View Post
    Thirty years ago when I wore a younger mans dresses I loved wearing women's clothes with out makeup when I worked from home.
    Over the last couple of years I tried on several occasions to dress up with no makeup and if I looked in the mirror I hated myself, was a big "turn off".
    If I had to dress with no makeup I would Purge everything!
    Dressing for me now is the Look not the feel.
    When I was 16 the feel of the clothes was so nice, girls got to wear silky smooth fabric but guys just got cotton, Ya ruff and tuff!
    Thats what "grabbed me". Soft clothes soft, soft undies and the skirt rubbing against my legs. From there I have liked wearing other clothes but never so far as to "all out" except the one time when I was about 14.

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    Normally I am either in guy mode, or I go all the way including full makeup. I am not out at work however, and if I am not feeling great mentally (not that often, thankfully), I underdress. For me, a cute bra and matching knickers can cure any stress!
    It also takes me back to the days when I wasn't bold enough to go out completely dressed in public, and I used to underdress to satisfy my desire to be girly. I did push the envelope a bit there, sometimes I used to wear a push-up bra that added two cup sizes! I had to wear a baggy sweatshirt to cover it, but it was worth it. When I came out to a friend later, she said she had never noticed, and even after telling her, she wouldn't notice when I was sporting D-cups. I guess I got away with it.

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    Dressing all the way is like a holiday for me. I don't do it often and use opportunities where I travel to pack my girl suitcase and then use the time away to dress full all the way, makeup and all - I am then Michelle for a couple of days complete - 24hrs a day. Rest of the time it is a mix of girl and boy clothes at home and office. Makeup is a luxury the rest of the time - just to time consuming.

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    I guess it depends what "all" means.

    I'm always running late, and I can't leave the neighborhood dressed (wife's rule). I prefer not to paint my nails in the car, because one little slip could be permanent. So, I usually son't paint my nails.

    I usually wear some kind of hip and/or butt padding, and usually a shaper, but there times I like to be free of all that stuff and just wear panties.

    So, I'm more or less all or nothing, but I'm willing to accept some adaptation if the circumstances warrant.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

    Gender fluid (adj.) - Describes a person whose gender identity is not fixed. A person who is gender fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel [more] like one gender some days, and [more like] another gender other days.


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    I'm due for a full outing. Haven't had one in a while. I think that being full time at work has given me less time to be around my clothes generally, which in a strange way makes me miss them less. After moaning about it for weeks, I actually passed on a pretty nice red dress, although I wasn't 100% sure about the size.

    These days, I just put on some panties, paint my nails and call it a day.
    ...throw off those chains of Reason and your prison disappears...

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