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Thread: Wife's attitude has been changing (Kind of long)

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    Wife's attitude has been changing (Kind of long)

    As I have stated before my wife had a stroke almost 2 years ago. She has always been supportive, but since she has had her stroke she has been a lot more accepting of my dressing.

    When we first met she had no problems with me wearing lingerie, but nothing else. Now I own a few pair of pants, tops and dresses. Plus one pair of high heels, one pair of flats and a pair of boots. Our closet is over flowing and I suggested we get something to hang my girl clothes in. She suggested we have someone come in and build a closet but having a small house there isn't any good place for one except down stairs. I found something at Wal-Mart that should work and she suggested we keep it upstairs, but I asked her how we would explain it to any guest that we might have. So I went and got what I wanted and plan on putting together tomorrow and put it downstairs out of sight of visitors.

    Before she never wanted me to wear anything outside of the house except for panties. Now she has no problem with me wearing women's clothing of any kind as long as they aren't too feminine. Before wearing my breast forms was tolerated but that is about it, but last year I wore them while we were on vacation and even earlier this year when we did some shopping she was trying to get me to take off my coat while I had my breast forms in, but I lacked the courage.

    I have been shaving my chest hairs (what few I have) before we met, and she has been aware of it. About 4 or 5 years ago while laying in bed with my hands behind my head my wife asked me if I had ever thought about shaving my armpits. I had never thought about it, but thought why not. I've been shaving them ever since.

    A couple months after me shaving my armpits we were discussing shaving my legs. I can't remember who started the conversation or even how it went. I just remember it ended by my wife shaving my legs for me. After a couple times of shaving my legs my wife stated she didn't care for my legs being shaved.

    Last weekend while sitting here in my recliner and wearing one of my dresses (with thigh high stockings), my wife asked why I don't shave my legs so they would look better. I reminded her that she didn't like them shaved so I stopped shaving them. Then she blew me away by saying I should shave my legs. I shaved them while in the shower and plan on doing a better job tomorrow when I take my weekly bubble bath.

    For Christmas last year my wife got a gift from the neighbor which included flowery scented body wash, lotion and perfume. She gave the body wash and lotion, but kept the perfume.

    I have always known that I am lucky to find such an accepting wife, but after joining this site I have realized how truly lucky I am. From seeing how many are either in the closet or in a DADT relationship, I feel lucky to be able to dress however I feel in front of my wife.

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    I went back and read some of your prior posts. If my math is correct you've been married about fifteen years. That's plenty of time for husband and wife to get to know each other. I'm of the opinion when most people have weathered a serious illness or injury they realize who was there for them. It probably has sunk in you have been her care giver. I'd wager, even if you dress in front of your wife, you are not self absorb in your dressing. So you sit in your recliner in a dress. But, who are you sitting beside.

    I'm in a DADT marriage, which I have accepted. Once in awhile I do get a chuckle from my wife. For some reason my genetic pool borders on hairless. No under arm hair. Almost zero chest hair which did not appear until my fifties. And, no hair follicles on the back of my calves and thighs and barely any light fine hair on my shins. My wife has to shave all the time. She says my hairless legs and armpits are wasted on a guy. So, at least I don't have to clash with my wife over shaving like others on this site.

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    Your wife obviously cares in your presentation, that is sure a plus for you.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    it's nice to know that relationships can grow.

    Easy come, easy go;
    Easy left me long ago...

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    It is very nice that it has been your wife's idea to extend the boundaries each time. That makes it so much easier and simpler than trying to 'sell' a new idea to her.

    My chest was virtually hairless in my twenties and i kinda liked it that way. The wife, not so much. She wasn't too terribly outspoken about it, but i always knew she'd have liked me to be more 'manly'.

    Now, in my 60's, and after testosterone injections to counter an imbalance, i have more than enough body hair to suit her . I think that I could go hairless from the neck down today and be totally happy with it (except for the upkeep) but she sincerely seems to like it. I've done some 'manscaping' and it didn't go over all that well. To her credit, she was diplomatic enough to say that she missed the hair and not that she hated me bare. It's the small things that make the differences.

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    Sounds like your wife just wants you to be happy and is putting some of her preferences aside for your happiness.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    She may have decided that since you stuck with her thru the stroke, that you do love her and don't plan on leaving, so she decided that dressing/shaving is not as big an issue.
    Glad you found her.
    Hugs, Ellen

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    Sadly, a lot of marriages don't survive a major illness these days, so you are indeed lucky to have each other!

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    This post is cool, it’s unfortunate she had a stroke but it’s a blessing she survived. You guys are best friends and that’s a beautiful thing. I hope/feel this will be me and my wife later on. So it gives me hope but of corse not false hope that it’s gauranteed. I just hope y’all have fun and enjoy y’all time together cause that’s the basic of life 😊 thanks for the post.

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