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    I recently bought a handful of dresses that fit nicely everywhere (including the bust) except the waistline. The waistline on the dress is about 2" higher than my own waist (at bellybutton level), and are more lined up with the bottom of my ribcage. The dresses just don't sit right as a result. Waist cinchers just exacerbate (but I like them). I'm relatively new to all this, so looking for advice on how to fix whatever it is I'm doing wrong. I'm 5'8" and about 170.

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    Maciela I see this is your first post so welcome to the site. I can't tell you why the dress waist
    One is so high but I do know there are a lot of different fitting dresses. My wife gave me a pile of her old one to go thru.out of about twenty five dresses I found only three that I wanted because they fit. Most of the dresses were all the same size or very close to to same. I think that's why most GG try every thing on brfore they make a purchase. I've found they can even vary I fit within the same brands of dresses.

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    Bottom of the rib cage is where the female waist is so wear a wide belt or a sash of some kind with that dress.
    Don't be upset if you can't find things that fit because they are made for women and you are a man.
    Butt and hip padding may help in your situation have you tried that?
    Many You Tube videos on hip padding.
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    Waistline sits higher on a GG, and a bit of a higher waistline on a dress accentuates that and gives the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs. Can you post a photo or two in the photo section so we can see where your dress fit is?

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    Hi Maciela , Welcome to our forum, hen you are here you are home.

    What ever question you have there is a 99.875% chance that one or ore of us will have an answer for you.

    What you need is a pair of hip pads either bought or hand made out of foam rubber. >Orhid ..OO..
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    Check the sizing of the dresses.
    Are they misses? Are they by chance petite or junior?
    Not knowing your experience level I don't know if you bought the wrong size group or if it's the dress style.
    Some dresses are made with an "empire" waist which means it's meant to appear to fall just under the bust which these seem to do. If you bought a "junior" size (usually odd number sizes rather than even number as "misses" sizes run) then it too could be the cause. If it has a P after the size number then it is a petite which means it is made for someone who is much shorter than your 5'8" frame and that might be the cause.
    Perhaps you might try a "tall" size as well. Right now JCPenney has a number of cute dresses on sale in tall sizes. I am 5'11" and always try to buy talls in dresses and blouses for the better fit and longer sleeves and in jeans for the proper inseam.
    Just a few suggestions.

    Welcome to the Forum.
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    It may be better to go for skirts and tops so you can buy correct sizing for different parts of your body . The other choice is choose shift dresses or drop waist styles . It might also help to change your bust size , sometimes if you go too large it lifts the dress too much and the waist line with it .

    Dressing is challenging , we do have to take a little more care of ourselves and maybe trim our figures down .
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    Kohls has the different sizes scattered around the store so that GGs don't get confused.

    There are also books and articles that will suggest what you should wear based on your body shape and size. As well as color guides based on skin tone/undertone.
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    Cheryl is closest to my thinking and experience. When I was new to buying dresses I thought "Just buy it and it'll look great!" NOT!! There are so many different sizing for women's wear it'll make your head swim. In general the sizing are based on overall body type; petite/junior, misses, women's. If you look up a store's website and go to the dress section you'll see the size charts. JCPenny has a decent chart. It has a 'body shape guide.' It will tell you the approximate size you should order. You also have to take into consideration each manufacture of a dress may have it's own guideline for proper fit.

    If you're five foot eight you're on the borderline for misses (5'4" to 5'8") and misses tall (5'8" and above). The size chart accommodates certain proportions of the bust, waist and hips.

    I am six foot even and 195 lbs. When I first grab dresses off the rack I found the same issue you are citing. The waist of the dress hits too high on the torso. Then I realized the dresses are made for a women who is five foot four to five foot seven. Some have long legs and some have long torsos. When I slipped into those first dresses decades ago I looked like a guy who pulls his pants up to his nipple line. It is not easy to find a lot of dresses made for tall women. I have gone to wearing dress with no waistline. I may suggest a empire waist which gathers under the bust. Or a sheath or wrap. Not all women have hour glass shapes. Most of the offerings I see for dresses give the length of the dress when laying flat. That will give to a general idea of where the hem of the dress will hit at the knees. The stated length is a good guide. However, you have to take into consideration the body is not a flat canvas. There is thickness to the body. So, if you do not take into consideration the curvature of the torso the hem of the dress will hit higher than expected. I would also recommend considering the content of the fabric. Most dresses these days seem to have a stretch to them and are put on over the head. I never buy a dress with no stretchy fabric. There is no give when donning it. Guys' torsos are not like women's torsos. No natural hour glass shape. I have to stay away from zippers because of that difference.

    So, I recommend going to a site with an adequate size chart to determine your body type and size. Ask your wife what size did she shop for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maciela View Post
    I recently bought a handful of dresses that fit nicely everywhere (including the bust) except the waistline. The waistline on the dress is about 2" higher than my own waist (at bellybutton level),
    A woman's natural waistline is about two inches higher than her belly button.

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    First, welcome to the forum. Lots of wonderful people here with tons of great advice and council.
    I know just what you mean. I opted to go primarily with skirts. Any dresses I have are designed to not accent the waist.


    ... I have about as much "choice" over being a crossdresser as I do in deciding my shoe size...

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    What Tracii said! If u still wish to wear a dress like that!

    I have a number of dresses that I can get on but look odd on me because of the high waist line! Most of these were designed for girls or women much shorter than my 5' 9"!
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    Hello Maciela and welcome. The block patterns and side scrunches on some dresses can also help hide the problem.

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    maciela, An empire waist will take care of that issue. Also, moving hip pads around can adjust some of these issues.
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    Last year my wife bought me a lovely evening gown that we had to return for exactly that reason.
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    I often use an elasticised belt, although my waist has always been a bit higher.

    Maybe I am deformed. :-)
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    Maciela .... the best way to show you where the waistline for measurement is indeed under the last rib. You can also stand straight and bent at the waist area...where the crease is that you can see in your side, thats the woman's natural waistline. Your dress size is a combination of bust and hips..for me, my waist is slightly smaller than my hips, but most of the dresses that I get don't fit properly because the waist and hips don't coincide with woman's dress standard sizes. Its a trial and error till you find a dress maker that works for you all the time
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    Juniors? Check
    Petite? Check
    Empire waist? Check

    Damn those were my immediate thoughts but CherylT beat me to all of them. One more thought: if you’re wearing large breastforms those could be shortening the garment as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertacd View Post
    A woman's natural waistline is about two inches higher than her belly button.[/ATTACH]
    The woman's natural waist is at the level of her elbows when standing straight. When you dress, your belt should be at/slightly below elbow height.
    Sheren Kelly

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    Don't get discouraged when looking for clothes its all trial and error and don't go by size charts because sizes vary a lot from mfg to mfg and country to country.
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    I feel your pain, 5í8Ē and 162lb and they still donít fit right. I tend to go skirt and blouse as itís more customizable, but if itís a dress you can almost bet Iím wearing a corset. Thatís what works...for me
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