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Thread: Out for a jog

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    Out for a jog

    Hi everyone

    I have recently purchased
    A womens tracksuit and joggers.
    Early hours this morning i got dressed
    up and went for a walk. It was really
    Peaceful with most people still in
    bed asleep. I still breathe very fast
    whenever i step outside dressed as
    A female but as usual it was very
    exciting. I really love being out dressed
    but i am still very hesitant.

    How do you get past that fear factor and
    just be who you are?
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    Good for you I personally haven't done it yet and doubt I ever will . But like most things the more you do it the easier it gets

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    The only way to conquer the fear factor is to get out there as much as possible and just DO IT. Each time you go out you'll be more confident than the last time. I've taken many walks as a female, at a track in the park of my home town and walking at the beach.

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    Diane is right the more you do it the easier it gets. But I have been going out to malls, restaurants, movies, clubs and lots of walks in the park and the fear or rush is still their. Usually there is no problem if I get clocked no cares maybe a second glance. Sometimes I only know because I got a compliment which is great and encouraging. In a way I don't want it to stop because then the thrill might be gone and dressing won't be so much of a buzz. It keeps it fun.
    Enjoy and keep it fun

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    You did it today and you will do it again, each time it will get easier

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    Every morning I go to the gym dressesed in women’s sportswear. I choose black and blue colors with few decorations and no hip pads nor bra.
    I only got once a comment from a very young niece who asked why was I wearing women’s clothes. I have had no issues from other people at the gym or in the street. Go for it and have fun, if dressing girly motivates you to excercise,that is a great thing!

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    I have taken up walking and I love to go fro a walk late at night wearing a pair of black tights with either a pink or red thong over them. The best part is I wear my D size forms under my coolmax T shirt and they jiggle and bounce so nicely as I walk. The T shirt comes down far enough to cover my backside.

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    To beat the fear factor just do it as often as possible.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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