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Thread: Out last night, with new confidence.

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    Out last night, with new confidence.

    Have to share this girls. I have a regular Friday night hobby, but sometimes one of the guys can't make it, at least once a month, so it's my chance to enjoy myself dressed up where my secret quiet places & haunts are. Anyway, because of all you great girls & posting on here I was dressed a little better than usual & having had a full body shave the night before I felt great, I really do love my shaved legs in sheer hose. I was also able to walk a little further away from the safety of the car than usual & I even found myself not too worried if I did come across anyone walking nearby. So that's all your doing, filling me with confidence & I'm even considering trying to meet some crossdressers locally in the future.! J.

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    Good for you! Keep going out and your comfort zone will grow.

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    Jemma, That is great. Find your self a local meetup.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    You go girl just be careful out there Jemma.

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    Jemma! You go and be yourself and with each trip it definitely does get easier...
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    Sounds like you had one of those significant moments we all experience while on our journeys. It does get easier the more you do.

    That first moment of encountering someone else while out looks like being your next possible step. Scary at the time but exhilarating as well.

    As Angie says, stay safe. I began with walks from the car in quiet places and with hindsight I now know that should I have encountered someone hostile to me then I'd have been on my own, no-one around to come to my aid. A busy supermarket car park is, although it seems counterintuitive, a better bet. There's safety in having numbers around not to mention CCTV these days.

    Dress for the time and place and act like you belong. Folks around you will tend to be wrapped up in what they're doing and yes, if you can find a social group where you can meet others, go for it.

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    Good for you Jemma have fun in all your future outings. Connie

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    Jemma, I agree with Maria, each time you go out it will get easier for you, go and enjoy yourself and be the person you want to be

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    Jemma, much safer to do it in the day.

    But do have a good time.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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