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Thread: The wife is giving it another try!! please pray

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    Sometimes a third person can be a problem. Leave Kaley out of it and be yourself in a dress.

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    I hope everything works out for you two. Just remember a lot of women want a man not another woman so don't try to make it about you but rather about her and the 2 of you. Go for a ride or out to walk. I have seen several of your pictures and you look great, so I believe you would blend in no problem. Good Luck!

    Hugs Linda
    Sometimes I like to dress as Linda Leigh

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    If I was going to pray I'd be praying for both of you. Pray/hope it goes well. I've posted comments on your picture threads. You transform into a very attractive woman. You also posted not too long ago your wife thought it was alright to wear women's clothing if you were providing maid services. I suggested exactly what may transpire. You do not look like a man in a dress, but, your wife is probably going to see "her man" in a dress. I can understand her motivations. Perhaps she recognizes pent up frustrations of not being able to express yourself. I think wives are fairly adept at seeing her husband's behavior for what it is.

    I wish I was in your position. However, I know it will never happen for me. That being said, if I were you, I'd avoid acting "girlie." If you believe "it is only clothing," then don't overly feminize yourself with words and actions. Sure, keep your knees together. Avoid the comical behaviors one may do to avoid the seriousness of the occasion. A husband's desire to wear women's clothing is serious business in a marriage. Do what you usually do around the home. Engage in some joint meal preparation. From start to finish the entire preparation, eat and clean up the dishes can take some amount of time. I'd do what my wife and I usually do. Unless your wife initiates intimate interaction don't create a lesbian fantasy situation. Stay out of the bedroom unless she willingly initiates the action.

    And, if all goes well don't have your needs dominate the times you get together when kids are at school. Women usually love to spend time with their husbands doing shared interests.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaleyg View Post
    I'm just hoping we have FUN.
    I feel when you say "we" you are setting your expectation bar too high. It is unlikely that this will be fun for her based on how I interpret your OP. She may have agreed to be a part of it again and she may grit her teeth and tolerate it and put on a happy face, but it won't really be fun for her.

    My wife tolerates my CDing. I have it way better than those in a DADT relationship but my wife never has fun with it and mostly doesn't want to be around it even when she lets me have "my time" to do it. Like others mentioned in her view she married a guy and that is the way she likes it. She has no desire to spend girl time with Taylor. Period. I have accepted this and attempt to work around it to cause minimum friction to the relationship.
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    Thank you everyone for the prayers and thoughts. I'm posting a "Debrief" on our time this morning over on the picture thread area. Overall, it was great. I can't read her mind, and she didn't say anything negative, and said lots of positive, but I suspect it was hard at times. But overall, a good time.

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    praying isn't really my thing, but I do hope that this experience is more positive than your's of several years past. I do think that the "have fun" approach is essential. And I don't mean that in the "she'll have a blast and want to do it again tomorrow sense". More along the lines of, this wasn't nearly as bad as my imagination had expected.
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    Not a prayer person but I wish you well.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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