Hi all
My female Doctor has known about my Cross-dressing for quite a while now so I told her that I was thinking of coming to the practice as Rhonda, she said it was ok by her, but I never did, until she opened her own practice a short distance from the old one, so I plucked up the courage and did it. I like to get there early so I can be 1st in but there was someone waiting when I got there, by the time she was finished with him the waiting room had about 8 patients in it, so when she called me she used my male name which made everyone look up and watch me walk to her room, when I got in I said to her that I wished she had called Rhonda instead, then it clicked to her that she had made a mistake and apologised.
She thought I looked lovely in what I had on which gave me a boost. I wasn't too worried about it as I'm getting very confident when dressed, I spent the whole day dressed, did some shopping later and went to the movies. All in all, it was a good day.