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Thread: Panties to doctor /surgary

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    Panties to doctor /surgary

    So I was having some off and on pain my groin area for a couple days. I was getting worried and made appointment to see the Urologist. and then he said I had to get a ultrasound. Considering all I wear is panties I was very nerves at first but was able to get ready with out them in the room. and they did not see what I was wearing I was then refereed to a surgeon for hernia. A couple days later I am able to get in and see her. She is telling me what will be done and then tells me to get up on the bed and pull down my pants. I stand up on the step for the bed and pull down my pants And sit on end of bed I am wearing a pair of pink Victoria secret bikini panties that say Victoria secret on them. She has me lay down and does a quick check. She feels around the area and I tell her I it hurts and she says she can feel it. She tells me she has on a opening on Tuesday and can do the surgary that day or I can wait 2 weeks when she comes back from vacation. I tell here asap I want this done. I go to the hospital and get checked in and ready for surgary A couple hours later I wake up in recovery and the nurse is doing vitals and gives me a shot for pain meds. She says she will be finished in a few and will take me to my room to get my cloths . As I wheeled in the room on a wheel chair I see my sweat pants fell on the floor and my black silik lace panties are on the floor as well. She says oh sorry I think we have the wrong room . I tell here no this is the room . She points at the sweats and panties and says there are panties in here you must be next door. I tell her no this is the right room. She says ok. At least you know what room you in and smiles. I get dressed and a short time later my ride comes and get me and I go home. As far as the surgary everthing went well home and taking it easy .

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    I wear panties to the Dr but would not wear pink ones.

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    I've worn panties to doctor's appointments a few times, since they are my usual daily underwear. I've seen a few smiles from the nurses when they were presented, but the only one who ever commented was my former (female) primary doctor, who knew about and was always subtly curious about and supportive of my dressing. She said something like, "those are cute" a couple of times. My current (young male) PCP seems a bit more uptight about the subject, so out of respect, I wear male cotton briefs when I know he will be seeing them.

    - Diane

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    By the time I have got to that stage, I have been if a hospital gown with no underpants at all. All private clothing has been packed into a separate bag. At this point a bit of banter with no finger pointing can be very relaxing, as all you want is to be as comfortable as possible.

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    Recently had an endoscopy which requires general anesthesia. During the procedure I was in a hospital gown with white vanity fair hipster. I'm pretty sure no one saw or knew the difference.
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    I wear panties to the doctor, but I usually go for the white cotton ones.

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    I wear panties to the doctor too. My pcp and I had a discussion about my crossdressing and gender thoughts the first time I wore them and it went just fine. The ones I wear are quite obviously feminine given the lace waistband but they're modestly cut and I make sure to wear more subdued colors on my appointment days.
    It's just the clothes... isn't it?

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    I'm sure the nurses have at least noticed my panties when I've had to drop pants for steroid injections (for respiratory problems). Of course, nothing has been said.

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    You're not likely to shock a nurse, or an er staffer with panties
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    Quote Originally Posted by rachael.davis View Post
    You're not likely to shock a nurse, or an er staffer with panties
    This. As an RN who has worked in a number of settings, and has seen plenty of the great pageant of humanity in action, it's really only going to be a surprise to a newbie. We've all seen stranger things than a pair of panties. Granted, the bro-ish type of staff will probably make fun of you behind you back for a minute or two, but you'll be forgotten by the time they clock out.
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    The medical profession in particular as well Fire service, Police and a whole host of others have seen just about everything the world can throw at them. I do not have any drab underwear anymore in fact my latest pantie order came from missdiscreet satin ones which are now my daily wear. I have no qualms about visits to Dr's or consultants, this is way of life being accepted by so many professions now.
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    Panties are my everyday wear no matter where I go.

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    I always wear panties don't have anything else. Had a doctors appointment wearing bra and panties. Needed a shot had to take off my shirt nurse said it was a cute bra. They know my trans so I don't care.

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