Hello all,

We are a very diverse group of individuals with varying motivations. I hope we can discuss this without it devolving into a firestorm, my question and hopes for cordial answers is how do you identify and can you explain why you feel that way?

I identify as a woman and FOR ME this explains my why. I was 40 years old when the pieces fell into place and I realized that indeed I am a woman and have always been. I told myself for years that women wouldn't do the things I do and therefore I couldn't be a woman I just had this issue I had to deal with. Then I realized that women do all the things that I do and they do them well. My mother was my role model and the strongest person I have ever known, living up to her character and strength of person is a goal I would be proud of.

I know we have beaten around this bush in several threads but nothing attacked it directly. My curiosity is peaked and I genuinely would like to understand different positions on this. Maybe we can gain a greater understanding of our differences and similarities by discussing this and being honest with each other and ourselves.

(crossing fingers and ducking in case of incoming)