I've posted this here because it crosses two topics crossdressing and clothes - Wife and I had dinner with our oldest daughter and our oldest grand daughter this evening. Bit of a shock when they walked in the restaurant. Our daughter has, over the last 30 years or so worn several of my older tops and dresses that she thought she was "borrowing" from her Mom but they had been mine (mind you most of these were a size 8-10 or a medium). Well, tonight was surprising as when they walked in the blouse our grand daughter was wearing look surprisingly familiar. I know vintage clothes are the thing, but what she had on was also a bit personal. She was wearing the same peasant blouse I had on when I asked my girlfriend's (now wife of 42 years) father for his Daughter's hand in marriage. Now mine you it wasn't an overtly feminine blouse, but it was still a blouse that my "girlfriend" had made for me some 3 or 4 weeks prior to that date. Its now a 44 year old blouse, being worn by a 13 year old. Two questions went through my mind - how'd she get that and - dang...was I really that small back then!! It was a bit thin these days, and she was wearing a tank or cami under it, but all I could think about was could you see the pink bra I had on that afternoon through it?

So it begs the question - has your children or grand children ever worn your things? How'd you feel?