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Thread: Thanks to TV shows aren't most women use to seeing Men in Dresses & Lingerie

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    Comedies don't cut it when explaining cross dressing or transsexual situations. Visualizing a husband as a woman really does not cross a woman's mind. Maybe having a husband dolled up at Halloween may be an exception. However, even then there is no correlation being made between a 'costume' event and something more. Sometimes there is a local news report on the issue of transsexuals and transgender men and women. Many times those reports deal with very young children going through struggles. Within the last month my wife and I watched an episode on "Call the Midwife" concerning an intersex woman, and, an episode on "The Coroner" concerning a post operative woman who had been raped as a young woman and had a stillborn birth. I thought both episodes were well scripted to deal with a sensitive issue. Better than taking a comedy approach. I read an article on the internet from a woman's magazine which indicated many women have a mental image of what their husbands' may look like as a woman. Even those mental images have a negative effect on their marriages.

    PS: When my wife and I went to see "Tootsie" in the movie theater she cringed at the idea.

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    The devil made me do it. Remember those lines?
    Any body remember Flip Wilson?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Georgette View Post
    The devil made me do it. Remember those lines?
    Any body remember Flip Wilson?
    What you see is what you get, honey!
    IIRC he more or less retired at his peak in order to spend more time with his kids ... a class act.

    As to the original post -- at best those tv shows are just entertainment without any roots in reality. Good for a few laughs, maybe a bit of relaxation after a hard day's work. Nothing more. At worst...

    Or, to put it the way a "Real Man"(tm) might understand ... anyone remember The New Yankee Workshop on PBS? It was a TV show on wood-working... You Too can build all this wonderful stuff, if you have a shop with all the latest and greatest industrial power tools, every possible hand tool known to humanity, work space about the size of an airplane hanger, and so on. Us poor schnooks with a wobbly table in the corner of an overstuffed basement and a wonky circular saw ... oh well.


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    Women don't fantasize about how their man would look dressed as a woman. Like Lexi said, women want so-called "real men". A cruel reality for some of us, but reality none the less.

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    I think that the “shock factor” of seeing a cd on the street is pretty much gone but even so, I think the general consensus among most people, men and women both, is that crossdressing behavior is still strange and inexplicable to them. For the most part, people don’t seem to care and let it go with perhaps nothing more than a private comment however, sadly, there are still some pockets of intolerance as we all know. Television and movies still has not cured that piece.

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    All I ever see is comedic laughter at the scene portrayed.

    Never any overt CD type comment.

    Just a guy wearing a dress for laughs.
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    and beauty will follow.

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    Most women do not believe a Crossdresser can look good dressed as a women.women see men dressed as a women as a Caricature, a joke,big shoulders, big feet, big burly man in a dress,obnoxious in a dress,.......

    Even when you show women pictures of Transsexual /TG models living in stealth who don't fit the stereotype they still don't get it.they think they look like women or and models all there life and they are the Exception to there stereotypical view point of TG's/CD'S. .
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    Well certainly Flip Wison proved a guy can look pretty good in Dress and heels !


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