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Thread: Three days in New York

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    Three days in New York

    A long post, sorry...

    I went to New York for three days for work. I had a chance to go out. I have been out in the city before, this time I wanted to try some new places. Before heading out I looked on the internet. Mostly I was looking for straight bars and clubs with an eclectic or alternative theme. While searching cross dresser clubbing New York I found a Yoya Fabulosa video on Le Bain at the Standard Hotel, near the High Line. There seemed to be a very delightfully weird crowd at the club; perfect. I also found a video by some London drag performers who went to a party by a promoter named Ladyfag. I checked more on the Ladyfag parties and they seemed to be fantastic; however there was not one scheduled during my travels.

    So on day one, I wore a black Bebe mini dress, black suede sandals with a block heel, and a black Kate Spade bag. I took Lyft from my hotel and arrived at the Standard Hotel. I went up to the High Line, which is a park, built upon an old elevated railway; and took in the sights. I went to the bar at the Standard and had a drink. It was quiet. Then I went to the entrance for Le Bain. I had read that the club was a velvet rope club, where the staff decides just who gets in. I was concerned a bit, but entered with no problems. I took the elevator up to the eighteenth floor. One of the young women commented positively about my dress. The club has spectacular views of the World Trade Center, Battery Park, and Jersey City. There is a hot tub in the club. The DJ was playing electronic dance music. There is a second floor that is a completely open space with even better views. The crowd was not as eclectic as in the Yoya video, mostly attractive 20 somethings; maybe this is just certain nights. I mingled for a couple of hours, including with a group of Japanese girls that were dressed in Harajuku style. I then left for my next place. I went to the Zinc Bar in the East Village, one of my favorite places. It is a jazz club with a very small concert area and a separate bar. They had a French chanteuse who was just finishing her set. They continued with recorded Edith Piaf music. I met a woman who worked on Broadway, with costumes. She said she had some drag performer friends who promoted parties, and tried to connect me with them, but could not. I returned home by Lyft.

    On day two I wore an olive green mini dress with long sleeves, gold high heel sandals, and gold Kate Spade bag. This time I took the subway to the East Village. It was very uneventful, except for a cat call at my destination. I went to the Zinc Bar for a warm up drink. Then I went to Terra Blues. Terra Blues is a blues club. They had live music and I enjoyed the show for a couple of hours. Then I wanted to make one more stop. I went to Luck 13, a heavy metal bar in Brooklyn. It was an interesting place. The bar was in an industrial neighborhood of south Brooklyn. The guys inside wore black jeans and concert t-shirts. At least two of the girls were dressed in black lingerie. The crowd was nice to me and I mingled. Then I took a Lyft back home.

    On day three I work a blue leather mini, simple navy blue surplice top, Steve Madden stilettos, and matching blue bag. This night I wanted to check out Alphabet City and hopefully listen to some live rock music. Alphabet City is located just east of the East Village, and just west and north of the Lower East Side. The first thing I need to do was find an ATM. For this, the heels were a mistake, not so good for walking four blocks. After I got my money I stopped at the first bar I saw, just to rest. It was Lucy's, a simple neighborhood bar. It had a rock and roll/ dive bar theme. After a rest, I went to my next place, the Pyramid Club. I had seen this club in a couple of posts here. I was a little disappointed, the door man called me sir! They served the drinks in flimsy, cheap plastic cups. It was eighties night. The music was OK and people were dancing. I went on to another place, the Double Down Saloon. This was a punk themed bar. Lots of punk posters and music, but no live music. I drank with a group of ladies, out celebrating. Another group of people bought me a drink and chatted with me. Then I met another cross dressed lady. I think she wanted more than to talk at the bar. I decided to go to one more place. I went to Duff's in Brooklyn. This was a metal bar, that seemed to brag about live music. Sadly, I just found a quite bar, bathed in red light. It was ok for a last drink to close out the night.

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    far more interesting than my weekends! And you have far more stamina!

    Easy come, easy go;
    Easy left me long ago...

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    It sounds like you had a great time!!! I have always loved the Village. Thanks for sharing.

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    Sara, sounds like a great few days even if you did not find the perfect location.
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    Hi Sarah You sound like you had a wonderful time >Orchid ...+..
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    Sara I enjoyed your tale. It is not all that long.
    Leslie Mary Shy
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    You have more fun adventure than me the so called New Yorker! Btw any picture to show us?
    Do you know Xam?

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    An interesting time in the big apple.

    I think any evening can be made interesting there, there is so much going on all the time.
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    Sounds like you had a great time! I lived in a walkup on Delancey Street for a while, and although I had to work in Drab, almost always had positive experiences when I was CD'ing in the City.

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    what a fun few days you were a real sex and the city girl

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