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Thread: Do you spend time in the company of women

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    Do you spend time in the company of women?

    I have enjoyed my sewing classes this spring- being with from 20-30 women of very diverse ages and cultures for 4-6 hours a day three days a week We were sitting and working together on projects, showing off our creations on the runway, etc.

    Day 1- mild uncertainty and discomfort- who is the strange guy? Well, he doesn't seem to be fazed or embarrassed, so I guess there is no weird perversion- he is just unusual, I guess. We'll see.
    Day 2- he is friendly and helpful, laughs and contributes generously, ask questions and is not a typical show off or judging me. That's kind of good.
    Day 3- he likes my creation- we have something in common
    Day 4- he asked me a question, and I answered it. It was comfortable and normal. We're all having a good time in this class.
    Day 5- he sees me and likes me, and had a great suggestion as to how to fix the fit of my blouse the way I want it
    Day 6- I'll ask him why he wears women's clothes [one person total from 50]
    Day 7- I brought him an orange to thank him for his help yesterday
    Day 8- I can talk about bust fit and say bra cup and don't feel embarrassed- hmm
    Day 9- Jeannie is his friend now
    Day 10 onwards- I look forward to seeing what he is wearing, but just like I do with my other classmates. Everything is normal- and I am glad there are some men like him.
    Day 50- Phil- can you join our summer sewing club? We are meeting at my condo Tuesdays 10-2. Let's meet for coffee some other day too! I want to stay in touch.

    Needless to say, this normalization of life is WONDERFUL

    I think many members have occasions to be with women- can you share your story?
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    sounds like your taking a great class. I took a sewing class once and it was taught by a man. It was small but I was the only guy in it.
    I have noticed recently that I have been in social situations with way more women than men often I am the only guy there.. Interesting

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    Phili. I can't think of a better way to represent our community. You are to be congratulated. I am glad you are reaping the benefits by finding a new friend.

    I sew, but am largely self taught, and am not out enough to attend a sewing class dressed, so I am in awe of your experience.

    I have attended art classes where I was the only male. I didn't find much gender dynamic in those situations. For the most part, we were all focused on our work.
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Most of my interaction has been at parties, especially when I organised mock weddings for sporting clubs.

    I usually meet an talk with womenat these events.
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    almost all my social interactions are with women. As one of my practitioners said a few months ago, before I was even out to her, "Kim is one of the girls". I liked that.

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    I would love to be able to sew. I have done lots of leather work and love that. Made belts when we used to put the names on the back of the belt. I've tried sewing up holes my own jeans and used to watch my mom make dresses for others. Phili I think you are a lucky CD but also I believe you are a great representative for many of us on here. Enjoyed reading your sewing adventures.

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    I have my morning coffee group who knew me before, during, and now after. There are always a minimum of two women, plus all the mothers with small children we meet throughout the year and have become coffee shop friends. Plus, those friends that have seen me change over time and now stop to chat with me there, maybe because they can say to themselves, "I know and like someone like that"!

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    My interactions with women happen almost on a daily basis . I've was invited to join a sewing group sometime ago but haven't the time at the moment .

    I am pleased for you that you fittted in with your sewing class .

    I have a question and that is how does your wife feel about you openly meeting a group of women in this way when she's not really on board with your dressing needs ?
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    I work mostly with women, most of my friends are women, yeah, lots of women in my life and I like it that way!

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    I spend sometimes company with woman (not in crossdresser) at work.

    And a few (not that much) with my friend while crossdressing.

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    It's the old saying " You've got to get out to meet people", and that's what you are doing. I've been going out in SF for almost 8 yrs. to Wine Bars, Restaurants, Theater, Dance Performances and along the way have met some wonderful women that are now really good friends to enjoy these experiences with.
    Best wishes in your adventures,
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    It's not so much being with women but it's being out there with people. Relating to them, interacting with people shows them that you and others are just like them. This goes with any encounter, once people see the inside of you they don't care what you look like on the outside.

    Nowadays I associate with no one except people online. In my past I rarely had female friends, only one I would call a best friend. It's been men who I mostly been with in the past.

    I also know how to sew and the funny thing about it, my dad taught me when I was young. He was poor and had to make due with what little he had and taught me to be self sufficient.
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    Hi Phili,

    I would say most of my life has been spent with women.

    Currently my roommate, bestfriend, close friends are all women. I have a couple of guy friends but most are SOs of my girlfriends.

    Imagine that, I have more in common with women, I wonder why?

    Anyway that is great. You are on your way.

    That is how it all starts. You make one friend , then another, and another. Before you know it you are part of a community.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phili View Post
    I have enjoyed my sewing classes this spring- being with from 20-30 women of very diverse ages and cultures for 4-6 hours a day three days a week We were sitting and working together on projects, showing off our creations on the runway, etc.

    Rosie Greer, Pro football player, took up knitting/crocheting as a hobby.

    You want to tell a 300lb footballer that he is effeminate????

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    I love all your stories of personal experience. You do your thing in a natural, matter of fact way that I can only hope I am duplicating. I really think that when you project an air of "This is not a big deal", as you appear to do, the world around you can't help but see the amazing person you really are, even if they may not initially think so.

    I think your way (and hopefully mine as well) is the best road to acceptance for a lot crossdressers. Keep on shining and showing the way.

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    I had a similar experience when I took burlesque lessons. My wife bought me a series of 8 classes for my birthday about ten years ago.

    Day 1 - Only guy in a class of 15 women who at some point will be stripping down to their unders. It maybe helped a little that my wife was with me. Introductions and how to walk in heels. Initially my wife wasn't sure if I should put on my heels but I dove right in and let them understand I was going to be going through the same things as they were.

    Day 2 - We learned boa work and a routine. Had to partner up with other people in class we didn't know and I met a few new people. We all had fun.

    Day 3 - Learned a chair dance complete with stocking removal. Again, there I was wearing stockings and trying to be sexy/cute doing the routine just like one of the girls. Everyone much more accepting of me being there. Chatted with a few of the girls after class.

    Day 4 - Fan dance. No one pays me any mind. My wife and I helped out a classmate by giving her a ride home after class.

    Day 5,6,7, and 8 - More routines, practice and getting ready for a student performance. Show and tell with the costumes we plan to wear. Everyone ohhs and ahhs over everyones cute outfits, including mine.

    Year 10 - I still have friends and perform with the girls from the original class and many new friends over the years. Going to Las Vegas and rooming with three GG's, my wife can't make it this year. Get to dress up and go to shows and I am just like one of the girls with them.

    Treat each other with respect and make friends. It's a wonderful thing.
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    I once went on a botany group walk in the botanical gardens in Sydney (looking at the different plants and flowers there), and I was the only male. The others were all elderly females, and I found it very enjoyable! I like to talk to women about cooking as well, as I enjoy cooking and can get ideas from them.

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    Just as with Jean, my flatmate, my best friends, and almost all of my close friends are girls. I’m still not out at work, but most of my friends there too, are women. It’s not that we always chat about girly things, but somehow my wavelength matches better with women. I think they too accept me as one of the girls, which is very gratifying!

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    I work in hospitals, so yes, I spend every working moment with women, of all ages. So much, that they don't even seem to worry about what they say in front of me. I get to be a fly on the wall to all sorts of woman to woman discussions. It's provided me with a lot of insight over the years.
    Some causes of crossdressing you've probably never even considered: My TG biography at:
    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
    Why don't we understand our desire to dress, behave and feel like a girl? Because from childhood, boys are told that the worst possible thing we can be, is a sissy. This feeling is so ingrained into our psyche, that we will suppress any thoughts that connect us to being or wanting to be feminine, even to the point of creating separate personalities to assign those female feelings into.

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    These days, I find myself gravitating towards women when in social groups. The guys' talk topics are the usual boring real estate, money, sports, drinking or job related topics. The ladies's topics just seem more real and relateable.

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    I'm signing up for a sewing course in the fall. I have 8 sewing machines (2 Bernina, 5 Singer along with a Singer industrial). I find them for cheap, recondition them and then play with them. The Berninas are excellent (730 and 807). I do leather work but I want to do more fashion and tailoring.

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