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Thread: A thread for my mom and my little Trans-sister! (I Checked with her before saying it)

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    A thread for my mom and my little Trans-sister! (I Checked with her before saying it)

    I had the opportunity recently to go home for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. As it worked out my wife and her son would not be able to join me for this trip due to work on her part and school on his. The celebration of my parent's 50th was at a Golden Corral with lots of extended family and friends. It was rightfully not an opportunity for me to be myself even though my mom and dad support who I am. (We took a few detours to get there and some involved my little sister as well although I may have been a primer or warning of things to come for her.)

    Afterwards we met at my mom's house for a staple meal both growing up and when the extended family could return of Navajo Tacos. For those of you un-initiated to this delight it consists of Navajo fry bread (may be known as scones to you,) chili of some sort whether canned or homemade, lettuce if you desire, cheese, tomatoes, olives, sour cream and any other toppings one might wish. Purely delicious all the way around.

    My mom made it clear I was welcome home in whatever made me happiest. She asked if she could have a picture of what that was and of course I was happy she wanted one!
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    You have a good mom

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    There is some pretty solid evidence that transgenderism is inherited. Makes sense if, as recent studies have shown, that the behavior has a foundation in genetics. So, you may be quite correct that the characteristic in your little sister has a similar source to your gender formulation. But because it appears, based on evidence, there is at least 45 genes involved in creating that concept of self, there can also be some big differences between trans siblings. Great that your parents support who you are.

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    You have a wonderful mom and she deserves a big hug.

    At warms my heart that you are able to connect with your sister.

    Absolutely priceless

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    Mmmm Navajo Tacos!

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