I've been making comments on others posts and occasionally referring to what I'm doing, but there is so much that's happened I felt I needed a chance to look at all of it in one place. Now that I'm not just looking at one piece at a time, it there it turns out to be much more than I thought.

Nine months ago I started HT and my last blood work had me well within target range on both E and T. I've been taking Finisteride for even longer and that seems to have helped with my hair growth because there was enough to trim and I wear a topper with a 2"x6" base more often to cover the thin spot than wear a full wig. I've seen some breast growth, enough to begin filling a small cup padded bra. Not enough for me to feel confident out in the world, but it makes me happy. I'm several sessions into electro and there is quite a way to go, but I'm sticking with it.

I started coming out to my adult kids quite a while ago and they've been supportive. Since I started HT I've been expanding that group who know about my formerly totally secret life. I've come out to my closest long time friends and their wives, former co-workers with whom I'm still connected and even a couple of others, including neighbors. My old friends have never been so willing to give me hugs. So far it's been all good, supportive and loving responses and I marched with the Trans group leading this year's Pride Parade and that felt pretty good as well.

Still not full time, but with the changes to my body and acceptance by those closest to me it's not as foreign a thought as it was a year ago. I've been taking the slow approach for years and years, so that's not a big issue for me. In fact, it seems like things are moving faster than I would have planned. There are still a few people I need to open up to, including one family member who is odds on the best chance for a negative response. But I'm deciding that I really don't want to give him that power of fear over me. He hasn't earned it.

I celebrate my 70th birthday this summer and around Labor Day it will be my first year on hormones. I'm excited about the future and when things are right I'm discovering I can be happy, something I often wondered if I'd lost. Thank you.