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Thread: A day with my mother in law

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    My mother-in-law got a bit of a shock when we visited her in Tokyo. I did not have any pajamas and I wore one of my wife’s night gowns. It was much more of a cotton night shirt and could have been worn by a guy in US if not red and white. My wife explained that I did not have anything else to wear. But after that the MIL made sure I had a clean tee shirt and shorts available the next night. My wife and I both enjoyed her reaction.

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    What an amazing story. Its an inspiration. Virtual hugs to your MIL for being - well, just her.


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    What a wonderful story, what a wonderful women your MIL is.

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    Great update, thanks for sharing, all sound very positive
    OMG!! Owning my femininity .... and I LOVE it!

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    Thats a very sweet story . I am glad you have such an accepting mother in law and wife.

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    What a wonderful story. I love it and hung onto every word. I can share this with you about my mother in law. She and I were very close and shared life events. She was a model in her younger years and I started asking her about the cloths she wore. Not to derail this thread, so I'll make this short as possible. Talking with her about cloths I ask her about some of the Thigh Hi stockings she wore. I ask did if they stay in place on her. She said yes. I said I have wanted to wear those, because I though they would feel good and make my legs feel better. I under dressed with them on and showed them to her. I bought a girdle ( I already had it and others) and ask if I could show it to her and get her advise on how it fit. I'm leaving much out, so as not to have a book, but I got around to making visits under dressed and started buying her items of cloths, along with myself. I would dressed at her house for hours at a time and we talked cloths. I bought her anything she wanted, even a girdle she said would help her back.

    Her husband had passed many years prior, and I had retired early, so visits to her house were welcomed by her and I enjoyed my girl time to the max. She contacted an illness that took her away, but I have my memories of the times we spent together, wishing all along she was still here. For those who might ask.... I divorced my wife many years ago and she also passed away, so my MIL visits were to help her and we also could share girl time. I really miss her, to say the least.

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