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    Red face my mom said

    my mom knew I underdress a lot it was no big deal but she said she said she knows if women is wearing a girdle or not be cause the walk an act different I wear one a lot can a women tell if a women is or a man is wearing one I wood like to know if so no body said has said oney thing

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    If u wear loose clothing no one can tell what you're wearing under it.

    Tite clothing may reveal thicker undergarments like bustiers, girdles, and bras!
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    Even if they notice most people will not say anything, at least to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docrobbysherry View Post
    If u wear loose clothing no one can tell what you're wearing under it
    Nope. It depends upon the thickness of the material which is worn; for example, even loose clothing will still show a bra strap if the clothing is resting on the strap.

    Girdle material, shapes and hems can also show through men's dress slacks.

    Though, as above, most people won't say anything to you about it. But they often will notice. I've seen many men over the years underdressing, and I'm guessing from what I've read on these forums, that none of them suspected that they were 'made'. All too often, we believe what we want to believe (pink fog effect).
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    There's an addendum at post # 82 on that thread, too. It's about a ten minute read.
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    I don’t think it’s about being able to see the garment so much as the change in posture that corsets, cinchers, and girdles cause that would be noticeable to someone familiar with your stance and gait. Probably harder to clock a stranger.

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    Hi Lori,
    I really don't think the average stranger would notice what you are possibly wearing under your clothes or how you are walking.

    I also cannot imagine a scenario where the average stranger would say something to you even if they did notice. Most people are too involved with their own lives to pay attention to others around them.

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    I dont know if a stranger could tell. Your mom probably can see a difference in how you move with and without, so can tell if your wearing one or not.

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    Some people wear braces for hernias, not a whole lot different from a girdle...should a person not wear their brace because they're afraid people can tell? Wear what you want!
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    Nothing to worry about.
    GEt a cup of coffee at the mall food court. Watch the people walk by and try to decide what percent are wearing a girdle. Really it is not obvious. Is the walk different? Not sure. Let us know next week--after--and report back.

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    A mature woman who grew up wearing one daily may be able to tell you are wearing one based on how you walk, possibly the shape it gives you (girdled bottoms are shaped a bit different than the "loose" bottoms of today) and/or the posture you have. A woman under 60... probably not.

    I would watch out more for bumps from garters being visible through pants. Some women (especially those older women) could identify those easily.

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