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Thread: Being a CD and a father

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    She obviously doesn't like your dressing. It would have been best if you told her and negotiated these inter-family issues before you married her and had a child with her. Would be good advice for anyone in that situation, even when crossdressing is not involved. For better or worse, you are now stuck with her rules.

    (Of course, a man who tells a woman what she can and can't wear would be torn to pieces, but it is the way the system works...)

    On the other hand, you have a family. I am your age, and while I am single and can dress all I want, I am getting old and will probably never have a family or children of my own. I envy you. I'd gladly give up my dressing to have what you have.

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    I dont have children but also don't think that is the underlying issue here. You said she doesn't want you to fully dress around them. That would have to be defined to get a full understanding of what she is asking. How many ladies here have some limit with their SO on what they cant wear, be it a bra,wig, padding,make up, or a number of other things. Maybe she is ok with you wearing clothes but doesn't want you looking to much like a women. This could be her own comfort and she uses the kids as the reason, only she knows. Could also be she dosen't like any of it but that's her compromise. You will need to talk to her about that.
    Although it sucks being told what you can or cant do by another it is part of being in a relationship and this should have been worked out before if it is that big of a deal for you.

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    I honestly was talking about one or maybe two people on my post. I always think there's a nicer way to say anything critical.

    Yes I know my GF has the final say with her daughter. I shouldn't even need to get "advice" on that level. I have a 20 yr old son with a different person. Even when I used to be married, my spouse was not his mom. My rules, my kid. Her rules, her kid. If her dad makes a rule, I have to abide by it. I know my place.

    I brought my beliefs into the conversation for the sole purpose of helping an outsider understand the complexity of my life. It was not a main focus.

    One reply was a bit harsh and unapologetic so I won't even touch on that. One more gets the boot lol

    I really appreciate the comments since my last reply, they were very thoughtful and inspiring. I know my rant may come off as negative when in reality I wrote it while crying from sadness.

    It's not that hard to say hey I don't understand you're plight but here's my outlook and advice. Thank you to those that were nice. Your words helped me tremendously and now I see my situation better.

    I don't think I'm being dominated, my ex wife did that quite well along with the 4 abuses, but I do feel taken for granted. But then again, I'm luckier than most so there's no need for me to continue to be frustrated.

    What a difference kindness made..........

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    Sometimes others looking at your situation from another angle can help a great deal for you to see things in a different light.
    I'm sure you will get things all squared away with just communicating each others wishes and needs.
    Good luck.
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    Tracii, Excellent post and good advice!

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    One shouldn't ask other peoples opinions unless they are prepared to listen to them.
    ALWAYS plan for the worst, then you can be pleasantly surprised if something else happens!

    "The important thing about the bear is not how well she dances, but that she dances at all." - Old Russian Proverb (with a gender change)

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