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Thread: Strange feelings they were

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    Strange feelings they were

    I recently took a longish vacation (with non-knowing family) and had to be in total drab the entire time. Bummer! It felt really strange to dress in male clothing for that length of time. After driving home, the first thing I did was put on some lipstick and smack my lips. Yum! The next morning, more strange feelings as I started to dress prettily, but this time the feelings were very pleasant ones. Yay!

    Have any of you girls ever essentially felt the same each time?

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    Oh, yes! I am always anxious to return to my female persona.
    Hugs, Carole

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    Now that I’m mostly full time, say about 90 percent, yes I actually now feel anytime I’m wearing all male clothes I’m cross dressing. And it’s rare if I’m ever in all male as I’m always wearing panties

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    Jenny, I feel the same way as you at least once a year. I go on a two week motorcycle trip with my brothers. The trips are great, and so is getting home and back into my girl clothes.

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    Jenny, a combination of surgery, a family wedding, and my wife being ill and at home all of the time, (She knows all about my dressing and is supportive but doesn't want to see me full femme), has meant that I haven't been able to go out dressed for the last 14 weeks. BUT yesterday was different, I had the time and space to be Kaye for most of the day. And yes, it was the most wonderful feeling, and today I get to do it all again. Kaye

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    The last time I spent any time in boy clothes, I hated it so much, I decided to never do it again. I’ve since donated all of my boy things, and I’ve never been happier

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    This reminds me of a vacation I took a couple of years ago, spending two weeks in female clothing 24/7. When I finally switched back to drab, I went into a store and a SA said, “Can I help you sir?” I looked around for a second to see who she was talking to before I realized it was me. Ma’am just seems so much more correct. Sigh.

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