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Thread: Advice from a kilt website to help the crossdresser!

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    Advice from a kilt website to help the crossdresser!

    While researching kilts I came across this article. I realized quickly you could replace "wearing a kilt" with "crossdressing" and these tips would almost all still be relevant!
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    Allison, indeed they would. Thank you, this made me smile.

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    Not really a lot of practical advice, but if you need a rah rah to get you moving out the door, I suppose this might do it. Just PLEASE, nobody use the “it’s a bet” excuse. That’s got to be the flimsiest cover ever invented for a CD. Nobody ever believes that.

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    Allison, Great article. Thanks for posting.
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    The advice may be applicable, but, I doubt the reception is going to be anywhere near the same for a Scot or Irish guy as a cross dresser. There are annual fairs for Highlander Games in my area (June 22nd, 50th annual Highlander Games). Nobody ever makes snide comments about those guys' culture. Want one of those big rocks tossed on your head? Unfortunately kilts and bagpipes have been way too often in the public eye; deaths of service personnel and police officers. There are several bearded kilt wearers at our local home improvements stores. Nobody gives them a second look. I cannot same the same with cross dressers.

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    The crux of this is a person wearing a kilt with the right long socks and shoes on is going to be far less noticed than maybe a CD plus wearing a kilt with tights/hose on will get noticed, a bit
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