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Thread: How do you Look and Feel wearing Women's Bathing Suits

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    I have 3 One Piece suits. I only wear them around the house on very warm days.
    I do not go outside in them.
    A long time ago, when my wife and me went to spend the nigh at the "Sybress"
    We had a Pool sweet, and I tried swimming in a one piece suit. It was a great experience.

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    I've got a one piece and two bikinis. I've only ever swum in them in private but it still felt good. Slipping on a bikini is a great reminder, if you ever need one, to stay in shape and especially to keep your tummy nice and trim!

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    Personally, I prefer a one piece with a shaper beneath.
    Finding my way....somewhere.

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    Would you mind sharing how you discretely transition from wig to swim cap, and back again, without attracting undue attention? I mostly wear one piece womenís suits, and have been in the pool at a hotel on a business trip, and have been swimming off my boat in rivers off the Chesapeake Bay several times. I stopped doing the latter when my head went under one time and my wig came off. Who knew they donít float ó at all. I had to swim 60 ft. back to my boat and climb out of the water in full femme mode - sans wig with male pattern baldness showing in all its glory. a swim cap would be better. Also, I want to go to the county pools, but need to master the wig/cap transition in order to feel right doing it. Help.
    Learning to be the best woman I can, one blush at a time.
    . . . and now, On With The Show!

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    I have a one piece I hardly wear. Then I picked up a bunch of triangle string bikinis for cheap at the end of summer a few years ago, but they don't cover the forms completely. I currently enjoy wearing bra style underwire bikini tops and swim skirts.

    I went swimming at public pools many times last summer. Since I wore the same bikini each time, I got good bright tan lines I enjoyed seeing all the way in to November.

    I got a bunch of stares. You just go about acting like anyone else at the pool and no one will say anything.

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    I feel and look terrible since I have a massive pair of balls that I cannot hide.

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