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Thread: Who Wears The Dresses in Your Relationship ?

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    Who Wears The Dresses in Your Relationship ?

    And does it affect at all who is in charge and or makes most of the decisions in your relationship ? In other words have you given up some power in the relationship by not wearing pants all the time ?

    So How many Dresses do you probably Own and How many Dresses does she Own and what are her thoughts on this ?

    Do you own too many ? How many dresses would she like to limit you to ?


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    Do I own too many dresses? Yes, 162 to be exact, although my wife has no knowledge that I have even one. In a strong "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" marriage we do not discuss my desire to wear women's clothing. I doubt she knows the extent of my wardrobe. Obviously, she would like to limit my dresses and anything else en femme to zero.

    Until recently she has not routinely worn dresses. She had abdominal surgery recently and has started wearing the dresses she had already owned and has bought many more. It is very nice to see her in pretty casual dresses.

    My wife and I share power in our marriage. Any decisions are made mutually. Even the fact our marriage is "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is based on a mutual understanding. Even on this forum I see threads and comments suggesting even dominance by the husband when en femme.... a "take it or leave it" attitude. And on the other extreme there are wives patrolling the house looking for any vestige of female attire to expunge from their marriage.

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    Ha! I own far more dresses (maybe 30+, haven't counted) than my wife, not that I ever get to wear them. She has a couple nice ones she wears for holiday gatherings, the rest are like potato sacks. The only real power issue is imposed DADT, which is a step up from search and destroy.

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    Technically, neither of us do. Wifey and I have been together almost 22 years and during that time I have seen her in a dress or skirt less than ten times. It's been about 6 years since the last time she had one on. As for me, I have been taking my dressing very slowly with my wife and I have not approached the subject of skirts and dress yet. Therefore, I don't own those items,yet.

    As to who wears the pants in the house, our relationship is 50/50. Although I do believe in the phrase "Happy wife, happy life."

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    She has more than me. Mine have to be stashed away. But she does wear nothing but dresses when it's not too cold out.

    But each of mine probably are way more important to me than hers are to her.

    I currently have 6, probably have purged about that many over the decades, some because I had too many to conceal when moving, some because I got tired of them, but they all served with honor. She has dozens.
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    Ha ha ha. Is there such a thing as "too many dresses"!!
    I have 30+. Tops and skirts to many to count and lingerie sets, probably more than Victoria Secrets.....!!!

    I agree with Robin, a very happy lady on a beach in Jamaica told that saying to me and my wife 10years ago and it's true. If she is happy, life is happy lol.

    But we are a couple and all decisions are made together.
    But she might limit me if I keep buying shoes, especially if she likes them and I don't get her a pair in her size too!!
    I think I'm up to 50+ pairs now!!

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    I don't think she owns any dresses. Her style is very feminine boho chic, but no dresses. So, yes, I have more than her and a few of them she picked out for me

    She's 'in charge' of the areas she's good at, I'm 'in charge' of the areas I'm good at.

    We have a limit on how many dresses I can have. It's a small house so we're both limited in that way :P
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    I have about 30 dresses, I know my wife has more, but I wear mine more often.
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    Sorry, secondary thought came to. My wife has lots of dresses, probably similar if not more than me. But the best part is that we are similar sizes, so whats mine is hers and whats hers is hers

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    Honestly I probably do own more dresses than my wife if you go by who picked them out for whom. We wear the same size range so we share a lot of things. But I can say and my wife would agree that she is not a "girly girl" and never has been, but I am. Most of the time when we go out dancing I will wear a dress but she will be wearing jeans.

    As far as decisions, well I am sure I have said this before. Marriage is a partnership, neither one of us is in charge, we are in it together. Both of us are smart, strong willed, love to argue, and are capable of blind rage when cornered. But we have managed to keep it together for a quarter century, raised a family, both of us learning and growing as a couple and as individuals.

    How many is too many? Well that's up to you to decide for yourself. But I used be be obsessed with the "secretary" look and had over 50 of a certain style of easy care button down blouses and almost as many skirts to go with them. That was too much as I never wore any of them for more than a few minutes at a time.

    Honestly I have found that since fully coming out to my wife i don't obsess over clothes so much anymore because now if I want to wear a dress I wear a dress. So anymore I try to only buy clothes that I will actually wear someplace.
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    My wife owns none which makes me sad.

    I have about 250 which she doesn't know about.
    I'm hopping on getting it down to 50 but so far I cant get myself to do it.
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
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    No impact at all on decision making, as we're 50/50 and usually on the same page.

    Guesstimating I have 40 dresses to her 10. She wears medical scrubs to work, but on the occasion she gets dressed up, more often than not it's in one of my dresses. She has tried the ones she liked on, and the few that work for her have become her go to dresses.

    Of course I own too many, along with other articles of clothing. She did bring it up last fall, so the compromise was for every new purchase an item gets donated (as long as it's not one she likes).

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    That's a tough one.

    My current SO, Carole, has zero dresses, and is definitely in charge. Though I'm far from a powerless little kitten. We wear most of the same sizes except in panties and shoes, so when she feels the need to be girly she goes through my stuff.

    My ex-husband John was a mans man, and never wore any dresses. And yes, again the submissive partner.

    My ex-wife though......probably about the same. I might have had a slight edge on her. I definitely had more bra's and panties. In our day to day life I guess, "I" was more dominate, but only by a bit. In our private life it went back and forth, but was usually her as the more dominate person.

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    My wife owns one dress. She bought it from Penningtons shortly after i had tried on the same one and thought it was ugly on me. It's not much better on her because she buys based o what she sees on the price tag, not in the mirror. So the last time she needed to wear a dress, she borrowed one from me again for the third time.

    I own about five dozen, although I haven't taken the time to count them.

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    My wife and I pretty much equals in most ways, including number of dresses and skirts as well as household decision making.

    She is somewhere between tolerant and accepting of my crossdressing but would rather I didn't so her preferred limit would be zero. That being said, she doesn't complain or try to stop me from adding to my wardrobe.
    It's just the clothes... isn't it?

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    My wife of 34+ years was a tomboy! She mostly wore women's elastic waist pants! She owned maybe 2 skirts and maybe 2 dresses at any given time! Decisions were usually mutual but I reserved the ruling vote if necessary! ( I can only remember using it once!) (that's another story!) She passed away and if I did dress when with her, I would not have been with her long! She passed away 3 years ago! I can do whatever I want and have as many dresses as I want but only have about 10 or 12! Just my $0.02! Hugs Lana Mae
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    I have 45 dresses and my wife has 0. Last time she wore a dress, she had to borrow it from me. She thinks I look prettier than her in a dress and makeup. I'm a DADT.

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    I have more dresses and skirts than my wife. She picks clothes out for me, that she says
    she plans to borrow.
    We went to a friends wedding, and she wore the dress I purchased the night before.

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    My wife has way more dresses than I do. She worked in a position and office where dresses/skirts and nylons were required. I have dresses, but only wear t-shirt dresses around the house. I had a closet full of dresses at one time. We both have given many away to friends and family. We both wear jeans or shorts most of the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Judy-Somthing View Post
    My wife owns none which makes me sad.

    I have about 250 which she doesn't know about.
    I'm hopping on getting it down to 50 but so far I cant get myself to do it.
    How do you stash 250 dresses?? A couple, maybe 4-5 could be hidden away. 250 would take a second room in the home, or a storage locker!

    I own two dresses, more to follow, I am certain. 3-4 skirts. My wife knows about all of them. My wife has many more than me and wears them occasionally. A few she has are not suitable to be seen in public, play night dresses. She will do up her hair and make up, and get on her expensive hooker get up on. It usually doesn't stay on long!
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    my wife has about 2-3 dresses, she is wearing a dress probably twice a year.
    I have about 45-50 dresses and wear them probably regularly.
    My new flickr account has pictures to look at:

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    My wife has more, but we can wear the same size and share.

    And we have a fairly equal relationship. Try to decide things together.
    Jessica BF

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    The dresses are mine now. My wife doesn't wear them now and I took over the ones that suit me to add to my collection.

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    My wife and I are about equal. About 15 each. Mine are all dressy and fancy and hers are 1//2 dressy and 1/2 just throw on when she is hot.

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    My wife has considerably more dresses and shoes than I own. Like Macey "She's 'in charge' of the areas she's good at, I'm 'in charge' of the areas I'm good at." Most decisions are made 50-50 and we are typically on the same page. I do reserve a 51-49 percent majority on large financial decisions but rarely have to invoke it's use. Like many have said previously "Happy wife, Happy Life.

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