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Thread: Laundry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracii G View Post
    It must really suck being scared of your SO.
    As stated above, she doesn't want to see it, any of it, so I respect her boundaries.

    Like others here, I try to do my laundry when I know she will be gone for a long time.

    But, there is an up side. When I was wearing panties under my guy clothes, I would just have to go out and buy new panties if I couldn't wash the dirty ones.

    Also, when I was travelling, I would take my clothes to a wash and fold service. I guess that I could do the same now with a mixed guy/girl load.

    I often take my outer clothes to the dry cleaners.
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    Usually... every Thursday, my wife goes out for the morning shopping, Weight Watchers, etc. I take that time to do any laundry I need to.

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    I am not in a DADT but kind of was before my wife was fully accepting, since I had always done all my own laundry it was easy to sneak things in.

    Honestly I have always liked doing laundry, I guess I got that from my mother. Having a closet full of clean clothes once a week is probably the only sense of order I have always had in my life.

    In fact I am doing laundry as I type

    I just remembered before I even came out as CD to my wife I would go to a laundry mat.
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    My wife is good with my dressing and doesn't care and I do the laundry she doesn't do to good on stairs.

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    My relationship with my fiancée has evolved from DADT to somewhere just short of being willing to step out of the house with me while I'm wearing any manner of feminine attire or effects.

    I throw my femme stuff in the laundry with everything else and she (when she's doing the laundry - we both do it) will fold or hang my girly things for me.

    My panties are washed separately in a mesh bag, to avoid having to sort out whose is whose.
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    I do my own girl's clothes, including folding and putting them away. Sort of a DADT laundry scheme.

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    A long time ago, I used to wash my Panties and hang it on a shirt hanger with a shirt, really hides the Panties.

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    We both do the laundry, panties and bras and all the girl clothes together.

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    Years ago. I got un-employed and I had to do the laundry.. my next trip I was showed how to fold Panties and bra's.. And How they all go in her drawers.. To this day after 30 years I know where all her clothes go.. Went back to work and now I can do my own laundry.. and hers to if she wants to sleep in , when I get home

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    The laundry has always been my thing. I sometimes have to hang up my girl tops in the middle of the pack so its not obvious.

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    Actually, "doing laundry" is code for i am totally dressed. My dear wife is pretty accepting. BTW I am doing laundry now

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