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Thread: What kind of life do you have as a Cross-Dresser?

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    That's a great post and for me it started around 8yo, mums stuff made me feel good, of course at that age you have no concept of what it is you are doing, but as I grew the need grew strong and her we are over 50 years later and it is a strong as it has ever been in my life, the only difference now is that I can pretty much do what I want, when I want

    My estranged wife absolutely hated me being a cross dresser, there is no give in her at all, but now it doesn't matter as we are not together and my current partner is okay with it, I told her well before we got too serious and she was just accepting in every sense, makes it really nice

    I have also told a very good friend of mine and she didn't see it as a big deal at all, part of what you are she said and she is still an amazing friend

    Sat here now typing this dressed nicely and feeling good and a whole world away from the teenage years as a cross dresser

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    My life is generally really great. I have the typical ups and downs, but I don't get very down. I'm lucky that I don't suffer from dysphoria, except when I'm dressed and have to go back to myself, that's the only time it really hurts. I think if I lived in a more progressive area, I'd be more open about it. My family would not accept this. My Dad would have a stroke, they've spent their entire lives building appearances. You won't find a spot of dirt on his truck, his yard is perfect, and while I'm far from that I'm at least a respectable man. I'm dying to tell my Mom, but I think she would freak out and then want to start making me clothes.

    The best part is my wife who is very understanding and treats me with dignity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah_hillcrest View Post
    I'm dying to tell my Mom, but I think she would freak out and then want to start making me clothes.

    The best part is my wife who is very understanding and treats me with dignity.
    Oh Sarah! This bit about your mom made me giggle!

    Sounds like you have a great wife (even though she's not making you clothes, lol).

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    My crossdressing life started as a child. My mother's twos sisters lived in the upstairs apartment of our house. As a little kid 4 or 5ish I would always play dress up in their clothes. When I was around 11 or 12, I would experiment (for lack of a better term) with their lingerie and makeup. While I got caught a few times, they did seem to be all that upset. When I was around 20, my girlfriend, at the time, used to love to dress me up in full makeup, bra and panties. I loved the way I looked and how I felt. When we broke up I think I was more upset that I couldn't have someone do my make up anymore. Over the years my desires to desires to would come and go and were far and few between. When they did come, they were not so bad and I could easily suppress them. When I hit 50 they started to come more often. By the time I hit 56 I couldn't hold them back, giving into them. My wife is accepting and while she is somewhat supportive, she is far from encouraging. She doesn't mind me dressing as long as I keep it tasteful around her.

    My life right now as a CD is pretty darn good. I am a lot less stressed and much happier now that I can openly express my feminine side in the safety of my own home.

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    In general I am pretty happy with my life, my friends are aware of my crossdressing and dont really mind. My family is aware I crossdress but we have never really had a discussion about it, My closet is full of dresses, handbags and heels and have a table full of makeup and a few mirrors, so I dont exactly hide it. I generally dress up fairly regularly assuming I have the time, I dont like dressing up unless I go all out with make up as well. I have gotten super comfortable at going out wherever dressed up and havent really ran into any issues in KC.

    Suprisingly the hardest part so far has been meeting transpeople or other crossdressers in KC around my same age or atleast under 40. But no situation is perfect.

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    Life is great as a crossdresser when we don't have anyone over like the grandkids I'm dressed 100% of the time And when I'm out and about I have panties on24/7 My wife is supportive and helpful.

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    Gave this question a little time to incubate before attempting a reply. Like so many of us, my life has been a rollercoaster, with most of the familiar highs and lows. Now retire and for the past three years, single, I have a great deal more opportunity and perhaps a greater degree of maturity. I still feel divided to some extend, between my desire to live as a woman and my sense of obligation to those in my family and small social circle who expect me to be a male.

    Im still trying to reach a state of self acceptance to the extent that I can allow myself to live in two modes without feeling I’m somehow failing or disappointing someone.

    Easy come, easy go;
    Easy left me long ago...

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    I love to dress every day when I get home from work and I'm lucky to have the support of my wife who loves me as Sarah

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    I am doing a photoshoot next month with about a dozen outfits and shoes, etc. Having my Hair and Makeup done by a pro. It will be mostly Pinup Themed. There are a lot of people that know I dressed before and know that this shoot is coming up. my excuse is that a friend died and we are making a Calendar for fund raising of Brain Cancer research.

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    Started in late teens. Got more serious in twenties.
    I dress at least twice a month.
    I have a very accepting following on social media. As well as supportive friends.

    I'm just working to get a place of my own now. So I can dress EVERY NIGHT

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    Still in the closet. I have a social group but I'm still too shy to use that to go public even in that group.

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    I am married and in the closet and will probably remain so. I do not work anymore due to a car accident several years ago , but my wife still does. Therefore I am able to dress whenever she's away and I use every opportunity to do so. These are precious moments to me. I have been crossdressing for about 15 years now and can not imagine life without it.

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    Evolution of the Leslie Mary Shy plant

    I am triple-retired, widower, hermit, and later bloomer.

    Probably started like a slow growing mold until @1960 when I started to become a very slow growing mushroom in my closet. I started to take the form of a twig about 1990s. It was in 2005 or so when I started to grow. In about 2010 started to put forth small blooms. I am still putting out small blooms, that need nurturing. Bids and Insects do NOT come to rest on my limbs, they don't like the closest I'm in.

    We southern girls all have a bit of Magnolia in us. But I also have a bit of Mountain Laurel in me too. but mostly Dandelion.
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    Leslie Mary Shy
    A Southern Belle.

    "For a lump of coal to become a diamond, it takes a lot of pressure, heat, and time."
    "The question is, can I, as a lump of poor coal, survive that heat, pressure, and time."

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    My life as Sarah (when the opportunity arises) has been a journey of ups and downs. Through all of this I have carved out a niche of balancing my real life with who I really am inside. My wife and I have worked this all out with compromises from both of us.

    Right now Sarah gets to emerge at least twice a month whether it be at home when the wife is away or best yet, when Sarah gets to go out to big events like FE, meet-ups with friends and just plain venturing out in the real world as a mature classy woman. Occasionally, I also get to be away for business and other hobbies and I try to make the most of it as Sarah.
    Sarah Adams, mature girl from NH. My photos are on Flickr under vintage4sarah !

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    OMG,,,,I totally agree!

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    More complicated than good or bad so far. My wife has been more accepting and supportive than I've given her credit for at times and the miscues have been the cause of the greatest part of the tough times. I'm learning to accept her acceptance at face value and not read negative thoughts about my dressing into the down times for her that are mostly caused by her health or other issues.

    When I can fully feel her acceptance things are VERY good. When I detect, rightly or wrongly, discomfort on her part it can get VERY bad.

    I'm not out to the world, even though I am slowly becoming more and more open to just wearing what I want. So, acceptance inside my home is the barometer of good/bad for me. Right now, I'd call it good.

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    Work during the day in male clothes all other times in female clothes at home. I am happy like this and love the fact that I like skirts and dresses.

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    Definitely one of those things that I enjoy but also hate about myself. I often wish I were “normal”... but not enough to try and give it up... I have accepted it even though it definitely feeds my depression at times... mostly when I see women who I am attracted to and think “yeah she might go out with me ... until I tell her about this.” Obviously it’s been a strain on my marriage as well, and despite my wife knowing, the years of secrecy and suppression even after the reveal (DADT/ don’t want to see it) have taken their toll. I’m out to a couple of friends at this point and they are cool with it, but my overall loneliness has not diminished. I don’t live in “hip” social circles and I don’t see myself moving to a big city to embrace one... so I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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    Perfectly happy with my life balance. I underdress everyday for work wearing bra pants and hold-ups. Generally would wear stockings and suspenders but for work these can be seen while sitting. At home i dress whatever way i choose. Generaly at weekend we have functions parties etc where i dress completly female.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenSusan View Post
    I consider crossdressing to be a curse, yet I would not want it to go away. How can that be?
    Reminds me of a parable:
    One day (insert the name of your favorite god/profit/shaman here) came across a woman possessed of 7 demons, and took pity on her saying "I will cast out these 7 demons" The woman was thankful but had one request: "cast out only 6"...
    Sheren Kelly

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    I’d say it’s love/hate.

    I love how free and feminine I feel when I dress up. I feel like all is right with the world. It genuinely brings me peace and happiness when I’m expressing my true image.

    But I hate it because I feel like I’m lying to people I love and can’t share this part of me.

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    Somedays I like it, somedays I don't, it's embarrassing for a Man to wear Brassiere, Panties, Slips, Pantyhoses, sometimes I wish it didn't happen to me, sometimes Icwish it did, I like to keep it private, now a few People know, and it's not so bad.
    Live Today as if it is your last day

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    As long as the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune don't arbitrarily smite you along the way, it's not so bad being a CD. Be comfortable with who you are. And tell the naysayers to go shove it!

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    To answer the question "What kind of Life do I have as a CD?" I would have to say it is a very good life.

    Like many others I started when I was very young and the first few years I thought I was the only one who did this and something was wrong with me. I remember when I was very young I thought dressing up meant I was gay, until I figured out what being gay is ( I was probably 7 or 8). The years before the internet were tough, you couldn't just Google it. Fast forward almost 40 years and I have chatted with others like me and even met a few in person and the shame has mostly gone away.

    Several years ago I came to the conclusion that there are things I can not change and I stopped worry about them. While I wish I could be much more open about my CDing, maybe even dressup to go to work, it is not I don't. I do get the occasional outing, not at work mind you, but when the opportunity presents itself I have both taken it and passed on it. I have not felt the need to force it to happen.

    I have not achieved everything I hoped I would have by middle age, but I have the important stuff and am still working on the rest, and making progress.

    Just a plain ole boring crossdresser

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