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Thread: It's become second nature

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    It's become second nature

    Sometimes I believe I take a lot of things for granted because it just becomes normal. It's been hot lately and usally I sleep with a nighty on and when I wake up I but on a overcoat around the house. The last few nights it's been hot and I have been sleeping with a bra and panties and when I wake up I haven't been putting on my overcoat. This morning my wife woke up after me and I was sitting on the couch wearing only the bra and panties, and she didn't flinch. She said good morning and poured herself a coffee and sat next to me and put her arm around me and watched the news. I had a frozen moment and looked down at myself seen my shaved chest and legs and a white lacy bra and black panties on. It felt so surreal almost like I was dreaming and I was about to wake up. I realized this has become normal for my wife to see me like this.
    Does anyone else not realize what is big to us before and is now normal. If you do, I would like to know what part of your crossdressing that has become normal living for you.

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    When I drag myself home from work (or is it 'drab' myself home from work? Lol ), my wife commonly says something like 'why don't you go change into some comfy clothes' … of sometimes she'll say 'your "real" clothes'. Yeah, I'm about 90% femme or more at home.
    Too much mascara is almost enough.

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    I do not know about second nature since I have been out to my wife for only a week now but, initially she told me that two things that will not go together is my CD'ing and our sex life. Well yesterday was two milestones. I wore my silicone breasts around her for the first time and later that night she broke her rule about mixing the Cd'ing with our sex life. Seems to me that she gets more comfortable with me dressed every day. I am looking forward to the day that it is just second nature for the both of us.

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    When My Wife and I would go out some-wear, Upon returning, she would ask me to unhook her Bra.
    Then she would tell me to go and get my bra, so she could hook me up. I miss her and her Hook Ups.

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    For me...Panties 24/’s automatic...they’re all black, so decisions regarding color. Bra and thigh highs..most days for which I do have to choose a color. On those few days I can’t wear one or more of my necessities, I don’t feel I’m properly dressed.

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    I work part time. When I come home I have a shower then put on a full outfit except for make up and wig. I sleep in a nightdress and every morning when I get up I take off my nightdress and put on bra and panties and select my dress for the day. If I am going to work or to go shopping for food I will keep the panties and possibly tights on but otherwise change into male clothes. So my normal clothes are women's clothes. I always identify as male however I am dressed and I love an outfit that really works for me. So

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    Maria, on occasion my wife lays out a nightgown for me when I come up to bed.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Its all "normal" here..its so normal it is at walmart not even a glance...cato same..maurices same...i go to my hairdresser in a busy shop and its just routine....i like the shock factor...thats gone....may be size 20 forms would help but then my back would ache....i shop often at busy malls and get nothing....when i came home i go to my nekkid room and stare at the ceiling..when i come home my beautiful wifes says i look nice and wants to try on everything i bought to see if it fits...yep...back to nekkid room
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    Michelle, it sounds like you're finally where you need to be. You're comfortable in your own skin and now you have a life to get on with without obsessing over appearance, acceptance, etc. It's like this for almost all so-called normal people I'd think. You just get the occasional buzz from a new piece of clothing, or someone pays you a little attention. And life continues to drag on.

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