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Thread: I'm sorry miss

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    I'm sorry miss

    This morning I got up at 5:30 as usual and noticed my wife had a package she had to send off. Looking for any opportunity to go out dressed, I dressed up and told her I will drop it off in the drop box they have instead of her mailing it out. I had to be there by 7:00 before they opened and nobody is there unless someone else is dropping off too. I was driving there and I'm waiting at a red light, the light turns green and the car in front of me is not moving because they were talking to the person in the car beside them. Being a little more patient because how I was dressed I gave a honk, the passenger stuck his head out the window gave a smart ass look and they drove off. They were still talking as we were driving and again the next light same thing, this time I gave a little longer honk of the horn and again they drove off. Three is a charm they say, the third time now I was getting nervous I gave a longer aggressive honk and the driver of the car came out and was walking towards me. I now didn't care how I was dressed and I was about to learn how to fight in heels, that was going to be interesting. I was just about to open my door and I heard the guy say "Oh I'm sorry miss, sorry" and he walked back to his car. They drove off and they both pulled into the next driveway and he gave me a kind of a sorry wave as I drove by. Well it was interesting being called miss and thank God I didn't have to find out if I could fight in heels.
    Thought I'd share and found it funny. Thanks

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    Thanks for sharing.
    I also tend to start out driving less aggressively when dressed. It doesn't take long to find some idiot doing something stupid and I forget all about what I am wearing.

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    Interesting story with a positive “funny” result. I’m glad things turned out the way they did. Around these parts, Road rage seems to be least in our area. If the guys would have been more aggressive, your incident would have been much different...and not in a good way. I love to go out, too, but my fear of a flat tire, an accident, police, but more “road rage” is always on my mind.

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    I used to get angry at other drivers, stalled traffic, etc. If someone honked three times at me, I prolly wouldn’t have been as polite as that driver. Fortunately, either through counseling or self acceptance, or a combination the two, I don’t that anger anymore...traffic and other drivers are no more likely to anger me than the sun and the rain. They just are.

    But to your point, its always nice to be called miss or ma’am. Even if the person saying it is just being considerate.
    New state, new home, new pics in process

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    I love how we're always surprised when someone does something stupid on the road. Have you met the general public?! Lol I tend towards, 'meh', road rage isn't worth my blood pressure. And idiots certainly aren't in short supply anywhere right now.

    Funny story though, Maria. Thanks. Maybe try a self-defence class while dressed, just to be prepared. 😉

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    Maria, because you appeared to be a woman the guys backed down. I suspect if he thought you were a guy he would have been more aggressive. Both drivers did not have the sense to pull off the road to continue their conversation. Sound like they felt entitled to do whatever they wanted. You may want to invest in a dash cam for your car.

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    I'm an aggressive driver by nature. But, when I'm dressed? Even if we r late, I don't push other drivers. Maybe it's the driving in hi spikes that keeps my temper/stress at bay?
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