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Thread: Very Interesting Sunday

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    Very Interesting Sunday

    Like I do every weekend, I got up Sunday and got dressed, wearing a knee-length red and white skirt, white tank top, forms and wig. This was going to be a sunday of first. At about 9am, I was talking to my wife and told her I was just going to get some socks and shoes on to mow the lawn. She like.."go For it" So away I go. Got it done without sweating too much. Ended up changing to guy mode to visit mom. Got back and changed back to girl mode. I am sitting at my computer and watching the NASCAR race. My neighbour from across the street come up to the porch and ask my wife if we had an extra roll of TP. As she is walking back from the bathroom, I grab the TP and said "guess I can surprise him?. I walked out the door said "here's some TP and a surprise!" I swear he almost fell backwards. As he gained his senses, the first thing he does is look at the boobs, than me. I told him this is who I am. He was rather cool about it. A bit later he calls and asked if We could give him a ride to the local drug store for meds. I decide to stay dressed, jumped in my wife's car and took him to the store. It felt great just to up and go for a drive, however, next time I should take my driver's license..just in case....LOL.
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    Well the cat is out of the bag now LOL.
    Good for you and what a way to own it !!

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    Sounds like the start of many more better Sundays

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    Wow you're a good neighbor, if my neighbor asked for TP I'd be like, "this stuff ain't free."

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    Oh to be a fly on the wall when you appeared. And for those of us across the pond, TP?
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    TP = Toilet Paper

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    Welcome aboard, new girl, Chelsey!

    Looks like you are not far away.
    Stop by our local CD support group, which meets at at Grand Rapids Pride, some time.
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