I'm so excited. I had been in two minds about attending, due to my dressing being pretty much on hiatus while Wifeling GG gets through cancer. However, I just looked up the itinerary (https://www.lcrpride.co.uk/prideinlpool/) and saw Victoria Hesketh AKA Little Boots is headlining one of the stages. Sign me up.

Her song, 'New in Town' (https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ySaLKsXK7lM) might as well be me singing to Wifeling the first time she came over to the UK 21 years ago. We'd been talking online for 5 months at that point and I bought her a plane ticket and we spent 12 magical days together. She returned to the States very reluctantly, but returned with her 11 year old daughter a month later. She's never been back since. I must have made quite the impression. 😉

Not to mention 'Help Too' which so eloquently articulates how I feel as I carer sometimes. And 'Hearts Collide' a love song for loners, like me. 😁

My first Pride and one of my favourite artists. 👍 So yeah, I'm currently a very happy person.

[SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

Interesting update...
I half-jokingly said to Wifeling that I could wear my Joe Browns Carnival sneaks. These...

And she said 'Wear what you want', not in a 'you hate me don't you' way so I think I might be wearing them with my otherwise drab outfit.
Funnily enough she has a pair of these of her own. Dare I suggest we go to Pride with matching funky, ribbon-tied shoes??