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Thread: I want to start hrt

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    I want to start hrt

    My name says it all.

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    Daze I'm not a therapist but I've been 15 months on HRT and I'm living full time as who I mean to be, a woman.
    I could make you questions so you reflex on your intentions but you should be more explicit.
    As an examples I could say that you need to look conceal by a therapist, ideally a gender therapist but you tell us what's your actual situation, why, etc....
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    You will find you can get questions answered, understanding and support for what you want here, but you need to convince others if you want this to happen. Find a therapist, get involved in a local support group, check out the internet for resources in your area and begin taking the steps that will make it possible. You need to find doctors, know what financial resources you will need and learn what conditions must be met before you can get the hormones you may need. You will need to consider how your hormone therapy will impact your family, work and social life. Looking at the success of others may be inspirational and great motivation, but none of us here can write the prescription for you. But if you make the effort, it can happen. Good luck.
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    First thought, is wants vs needs and seek a a qualified therapist and reach out for some local groups for assistance.

    Good luck...
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    Dazed and Confused, You do not give us enough info! Are you having Gender Dysphoria? Have you considered the family and how that would relate to them?Do you have a counselor/therapist? Just my opinion, but you may be rushing it! I sat on it for a number of months before I made that decision and then with the help of my counselor! We don't know how to help if all you say is, "My name says it all." Hoping this is somewhat helpful! Hugs Lana Mae
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    D&C, pardon me and others if this seems rather abrupt and premature. A few days ago you were lamenting that your wife was 100% in support of your CDing, but opposed to transition. Maybe you should listen to her. We can’t tell from your few posts, just where you may be in your journey of discovery...and even if we could, none (well, most of us) are not qualified to give medical advice.

    But your chosen name tells me something. If you are dazed, its probably a good idea to sit back and clear your head. If you are confused (a condition many of us can relate to) the solution is eliminate your confusion by clarifying your own ideas on what you want and need, understanding your present reality for both its values and limitations, discerning what problems may be in front of you, and working with your wife and probably a professional counselor.

    Please do not make the mistake of believing HRT a solution in and of itself. It may be one of many tools at your disposal in attaining a better life for yourself and your family.

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    I was vague cause i just felt the need to shout what i wanted. My wife was fine and supportive. But like 36hr later she said she can handle the cd but anything else is gonna start problems. Ive been in tears and so torn and hurt.

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    Hi Dazed:

    I’ve been on HRT and transitioning for three years, just had facial feminization surgery — and I am still happily married to my wife of 19 years.

    HRT is a medical solution to a medical situation—in my case 10 years of panic attacks and high blood pressure that was not responding well to medication. My wife understood that HRT was something that I needed for my health. She has seen me off hormones a few times since (most recently for surgery) and she likes me far better on hormones than off.

    If you haven’t started gender therapy you need to, and if you are diagnosed with gender dysphoria then you and your wife need to talk about how severe it is and about the effects of hormones—because at the beginning and the end of the day, hormones are medicine, no different than the beta blockers I took for high blood pressure before my diagnosis and starting HRT.
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    I know you mentioned your wife in other posts, you need to carefully work things out with her prior to making the decision to transition. My wife was 100% fine with my CD'ing, when I told her I considered myself transgender she was also fine (although disappointed). When I met with a therapist and got officially diagnosed with GID she seemed fine. However when I got my appointment to start HRT she flipped and raged out for weeks, to the point I canceled HRT appointment and havnt been back to my therapist.

    I WILL be continuing my transition, but I need to help get my family situation settled first, and I realize now that it will most likely end my marriage. You sound like your marriage was important to you, so you need to follow the right path on your journey before dropping the bomb on your wife. You need to be 100% sure this is what you need, and that CD isnt enough. Go see a therapist, and take your wife too, it may help her to understand.

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