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Thread: The desire intensifies

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    Feb 2012
    West side of CT
    I enjoy dressing so much and never purged (I hate waste). My feelings do come in waves and just roll with the perverbal tide.
    I live in CT and love to meet like minded friends....

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    the desire intensifies

    Have not had the time to dress in awhile , but right now I'am dressed and enjoying reading this thread.Tryed to quit but enjoy it too much, it makes me feel so sexy and alive and the desire is still there after all those years. Devone

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    Angela, not to scare you or anything but I started that way and am now in my 9th month of HRT! Those long nails need polish! The mannerisms were natural and many I was already doing! But, it is your journey and only you can direct it on where it will take you! Lay back and enjoy the journey! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    My desires to dress have come and gone through the years. I've always been able to ignore and suppress them. About 7 years ago they started coming on stronger and stronger. It literally drove me nuts. I finally gave into the desire and started to dress. I am happier now.

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    I have almost purged a few times when my GF wanted me to stop.
    She eventually broke it off and I still love being feminine.
    More every day

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    Yeah, I had accumulated some really nice fem things when I was younger. I used to just dress at my office or at my house. Very embarrased about it. VERY in the closet. Then we had a kid so I purged and figured that was the end of it. Boy was I WRONG!! Now I am more into CD than EVER. I go out alot and am definitely no longer embarassed about it. Now I love to be dressed and Fem. I still reminisce about some of the things I threw into a gas station trash bin. Wish I had some of those shoes and lingerie back.....LOL

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    I have never purged any of my items (maybe I really need to purge parts of my collection) and still have everything from the first dress that I purchased to the first pair of shoes as well. I have dressed for many years, starting as a pre-teen, buying my own things in my early teen years, and finally going out starting in January 2019 for a weekend party and then monthly parties held at a local bar nearby. I am definitely hooked on going out and can't wait till October, as I had to miss August and September because of vacation schedule
    A new link to a sample of my shoe collection

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    I've purged, but it's always been more of 'downsizing' to fit my hiding place. Then I found climate controlled storage.

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    Jul 2011
    I've experienced many ramp-ups, and each one seems to bring more joy into my life.

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