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Thread: Home Alone The Early Years and that camera

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    Home Alone The Early Years and that camera

    When I started crossdressing, Thursday lunch was my only opportunity I had for 2 hours home alone. I would put on make up wig and try different outfits and lots of photos were taken. it was a very enjoyable time and the photos were a big part of it and helped me improve my looks and today provide fun look back memories. It also satisfied my need to crossdress. Eventually I started going out on occasion with friends I have met over time. I still take photos but not as often and not so many. But I do like photos of me in girl mode, could care less in guy mode. I am curious how many others find photo taking an important part of your dressing?
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    My picture taking was in my early years. I had a disk camera. This was way before digital cameras. Based upon using my neighbors backyard as a backdrop it must have been about 1979. I had to have the film developed at a store. Yikes! I was scared as heck that someone would recognize me as a guy in a dress. I would have been 32 years old back then. I wore a blond wig and did look fairly attractive. I kept the pictures for awhile. I ended up discarding them for fear my wife would find them if I dropped dead. This occurred before my wife and I had "The Talk." My dressing opportunities were limited to when my wife worked Sundays at a church nursery and took our son along. That was my "grabbing some crumbs of time" period of life.

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    I didn't ever want or do I remember ever wanting to take my picture back then. Now I kind of wish I had some of those memories. We don't take a lot of pictures now but do take a few.

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    I dressed in a complete vacuum for the 1st 12 years. All about figuring out my dressing techniques and taking photos. I still find picture taking the main purpose of dressing in private.

    However, now that I go out a lot? It's more about being with the other girls. And, very little photo taking. Often I don't take any until I get home!
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    In 69 years of living I think I have 1 picture of me cross dressed and that is sans wig. I may be in some group photos at TCNE
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    Hi Brenda, great picture. You look beautiful. Nice dress. I always take pictures when I’m completely dressed. A picture is worth a 1000 words, they say. I look at each one, looking for improvement, pose, etc. and take notes. I think they help a lot. It’s fun to modify them, too.

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    I love being out in the public and conversing with interesting people. When starting the evening, I would sometimes be bored while waiting for friends or for someone to sit next to me at a wine bar. During those somewhat boring moments I would sometimes take a few selfies to see how I looked and to enjoy what others saw. I have a great smile and that smile got bigger when looking at those selfies. Occasionally I would share them with friends, and other times, they are just stored in my cell phone to be looked at when the mood strikes. So, selfies are sometimes a part, a rather small one, of me when I go out.

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    I didn't take any pictures in my early years and I kind of regret that. I did take dinner about fifteen years ago but then thought it prudent to delete them. I definitely regret that. I now take pictures often when I dress and now I intend to keep them.

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    In my teenage years not a single picture. Last year I took a picture or 2 every time I went out but now I barely take them. Looking in a mirror rather than taking pictures is more of part of my dressing.

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    I take a camera with me almost every time I dress. I love to stop people and ask them to take a picture of me. I take photos every month of my nail art after getting mani/pedi's.
    My therapist and manicurist both ask me each time I see them if I want them to take a few pictures. I look at the photos to help me get through the time between opportunities to dress.

    Suzi Q

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    It is a love/hate relationship between the camera and me.

    On the one hand , I take a picture every time I venture out to capture the moment, something to remember it by.
    Then I look at myself in the photo and am disappointed the vast majority of time in my appearance, my eyes go right to the flaws every single time

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    Brenda, You look great. I can't take pictures. Not my thing, but I do love photos of myself dressed.
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    I hate having my pic taken, in boy mode or girl mode. I guess its part of my dysphoria.

    The only time I take my picture is when Im practicing makeup to compare results of different techniques/colors.

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    Here's an old joke about crossdressing and photography:

    "How many crossdressers does it take to change a lightbulb?"

    "Five. One to screw in the bulb and four to take a picture from every angle."

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    First of all, Love the picture.

    Camera? Oh YES!
    For nearly 50 years my camera was as important to me as my makeup bag.
    If I had time to fully dress and put on my face then I had time to take photos. They were not for "personal enjoyment", they were for "personal improvement".
    Sure, I could dress, look in the mirror and tell myself how gorgeous I was, but the camera gave me the perspective of another. I could stand back, like an "out of body experience" and more objectively view my presentation. It always helped me, though many times I hated what it showed me.
    These days I don't take as many pics as I once did. Perhaps I'll take a half dozen to record an outfit or outing whereas I used to take 30 or 40 and then critique them all.

    My camera has gone from historian and consultant to casual observer. I still use the photos to refine my appearance, but no longer to the extent I did years ago before I came out to my wife.
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    Personally I feel they help us to take a step forward , they helped me gain confidence and gradually step out of the closet . They gradually helped me find what worked and what suited me . Even now I'm full time I find them useful to assess if a look worked and of course they enable me to share with members on the forum .

    I really needed a picture recently of me with my painting in an exhibition but the guy that offered to take them managed to press the wrong button on my camera and did a video instead . I didn't realise till I returned home it was quite a revelation to see and hear what other people see , I had to smile .
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    Brenda you look amazing! If I looked half as good as you I probably would love to take photographs too - i'm a work in progress


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    Southern Gurl
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    Great thread. I have been crisscrossing sense high school, a long time! I was so glad when the digital camera came out and I could download pictures directly. What a big deal! I have posted hundreds of pictures on several sites, and no one has ever noticed or mentioned it to me, go figure! One picture tells more than words can discribe. Thanks Rachel

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    I like to take pictures during my outings.

    When I have a makeover, though, is when I get serious about my photo sessions. I usually have multiple outfits in waiting for these events. I'm due for another makeover. Haven't had one since February.
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    Yep, It wasn't till the early 2000s that I finally got a digital camera---(And a computer camera too) THAT is my HOBBY when crossdressed. To really see what I would look like as a woman. Experiment with different looks and lighting, its TONS of fun.

    Since I don't go out, I amuse myself with my CD photography. That's MY thing. I only wish I had it when I was younger.
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    Hi Brenda, first off you look great. Then and now. This is a great topic and it made me think about my pictures. I take a picture almost everytime I dress. Mostly as a check to see how the outfit and makeup look. I will admit at first it was to post for attention. Now, I don't post pictures that often and I don't always take pictures as I get more comfortable as Alexandra. I think gaining confidence in my appearance has wained the photography bug. Cheers.
    Life is too short to be boring...Alexandra

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    I don't take many pics sometimes when I dress but don't keep them. The only ones that still in the system are Halloween pics.
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    I don’t get it... 2 hours? That’s how long it takes me to get ready!

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    I take photos everytime I dress up because I want to see how well I look and can sometimes use it as a reminder to the last time I dressed up. I'm usually only lasting a couple hours as well as I really haven't dipped my toes into makeup yet (outside of lipstick). It's alot to put on though so I definitly want to document everytime I get a chance to dress up.

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    it sounds like me exactly. I always take pictures, deleting all but the best one or two. Lately I have been going out and taking my selfies with a tripod. it is kind scary sometimes, but it's the only easy to take good pictures, and I want good pictures. I have pictures all the way back to , almost, when I started dressing for real. it is a real big part of my dressing to see how I have improved in my goal to pass for a woman. I doubt I would dress as thoroughly as I do if I didn't want good pictures. I post most of my pictures on Flickr as an archive, and for my friends to view. Flickr has a much better picture posting features that In me opinion, the picture limits here are just too small to do justice for good pictures.

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