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Thread: Home Alone The Early Years and that camera

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    Owe how connected the photos they are. For many years it was the only thing I could do after making myself pretty but now if I'm going out I find it difficult to find the time , but still there's at least a couple selfies snapped while out and about. Also I don't think I would have made as much progress becoming passable without the pics to reflect on. And holy crap 2 hours a week I wouldn't have survived on that amount of time
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    This is a fun thread, Brenda, thanks! I totally agree with everyone who has loved your pic. You look great head to toe.

    I've been crossdressing since an early age, so it was a long time until digital photos. The first pics I took of myself fully dressed with wig and makeup was with a film camera and a tripod. I clearly remember taking them in for processing. Even though the process was obviously very private--the clerk that gives you back the processed photos doesn't see them. But it was still a step for me. Unfortunately I don't have them anymore. And honestly, they weren't great, but were still a moment in time and I wish I would have at least saved a couple.

    I don't take many pics now.

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    I didn't start taking Danielle photos until digital cameras came along because I was afraid of taking photos in to be developed. I started by borrowing a 1 megapixel Apple QuickTime camera from the high school I worked at but no surprise a 1 megapixel camera doesn't take the best photos although I do still have a few them saved in the Danielle archives. For me taking photos is a very important part of my Danielle days as they are a historical record of the progress in my female presentation. Plus some older ones provide a good chuckle with the older fashion styles, hairstyles, and of course blue eyeshadow.

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    Never tried self portraits in the film era, even while dressing for many years. Would have never dared as the Walgreen's photo department (or whomever) always wanted to show a sample of your printed pics to demonstrate how well they came out!!!

    Perhaps 15 years ago, finally with an adequate digital camera plus tripod, I began to explore such "selfies". And could not beat the cost of this latest image technology!


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