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Thread: any one else have this happen.

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    any one else have this happen.

    while I have pretty munch been dressing a lot over the last few years, and almsot living daily as a woman. I had a job that didn't care as long as I did my job. A few months ago I took a new job, Its better then my last one. The only thing different is is a more manual labor job, and hot. So I never dress or wear makeup. I have pretty munch been living in gym shorts for the last few months. I noticed last week when I wore a skirt around the house. I got excited I just played it off as me being horny. As it was later in day. Today I was trying on my jeans to see what fit and what didn't as fall will be here soon. Same thing happened again, but I know I wasn't in the mood. To be truthful I wasn't expecting that, and it kinda surprised me. As pretty munch up in till the last few months. Woman's clothes were a main stay for me. I thought I was pretty munch over getting excited when dressing.

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    Excited or just having the munch-ies.

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    Enjoy it while you can. When you get to my age it would be nice to feel that way.
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    I'm not complaining about that. I have been dressing almost every day until june this year. For pretty munch the last five or so years. This hasn't happened since I started my journey all them years ago. Even then I never associated sex with the clothing I was wearing. It just wasn't sexual to me. It was comfort to me, and allowed me to be myself.

    Now when I don my dominatrix gear, and makeup. That is a totally different picture, as the wife and I are going to have a good time. So I expect it to happen then,

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