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Thread: How has your dressing evolved since the first time you dressed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayna View Post
    My taste is now less fantasy teenage hooker-like clothes, more towards things actual women would wear.
    id say a lot of us would’ve started out that way. I know I did.
    But now I’ve evolved into quite a classy dressing mid 40s woman.
    i am what I am, I do what I do..
    i do not seek approval from others.

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    Hi Lingerie Liz,

    I am just like you in that I find that women's clothes fit way better than men's clothes!
    I tried 250g forms but they are about 32C on me which makes me look top heavy!
    I fill a 32A bra which is just fine from a fashion perspective. I like the way I look in Junior's XS tops.

    Yesterday I looked at myself in a white raglan shirt with gray sleeves and decided showed off the "girls" too much,
    even though it was a crew neck..
    So I wore something else to go out shopping.

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    I guess that this story is pretty simple. As a teen, it was purely a fetish for nylons until when a teen, I had several opportunities to fully dress as a woman right down to a wig. I loved the look, but real life intervened as university, getting drafted, married and great career and family placed all of that on the back burner for decades.

    Fast forward to 20 years ago when the urge and the opportunities merged, Sarah was created from enhancing my earlier fetishes into full blown dressing, to meet other dressers, to where I am today. Now I relish the chance to go all the way in creating the woman I always wanted to be. It now involves projecting the image of a classy mature lady who now has lots of friends and admirers. Just being out and about with friends and these admires is the slow culmination of want started at 9 years old when I first tried on my mother's nylons !
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    started out with panties once in a while if I thought I could get away with it . NOw all I wear is panties a bra Its cool enoght out side and I can wear a sweartshit. and if not working girls jeans 99 percengt of the time on days off

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    It all started at 5-6 when I wanted a dress,which I never got! Then as others have said the panty thing off and on for years starting with mom's! Asked wife about this before we got married and she said there would only be one woman in this marriage! Continued off and on with panties! Long dry spell due to life! Wife passed away and in the next month bought panties at K-Mart! Did not understand all of this until I came on this site! Lurked for a short time and then joined! Bought a few items but stayed in the closet! Then one day, decided to go for a ride in the car dressed! Bought my breast forms! Next was a transformation at Jennifer Barges' place! I saw Lana Mae for the first time for more than a minute! Gender dysphoria eating me up! Find a therapist! Dressing more and more! To Keystone! (All this time learning more and more!) Started HRT! Visited a sister from the forum in Texas! I think I grew a lot from that experience! Now on HRT for 9 months! Waiting to have enough money to change my name! Then for the various surgeries! I am out to my boss and a few others at work! Because I am Lana Mae and this is my life! I sincerely thank all of those who have helped me on my journey! I would not be where I am today if not for this forum! Hugs Lana Mae
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    Life is worth living!
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    Well, the first time I went out, I wore my own sneakers because I had no women's shoes. It was at night, window shopping, but I suspect I looked rather silly. I have women's size 12 feet which look a lot smaller in women's shoes than in my usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allisa View Post
    Hummmm, lets see, in a nutshell, no heart palpitations or profuse sweating, no jumping at every noise and above all no sexual arousal anymore. Does living full time count?
    Wow! that is so me! the fear, the stress, sweating, the heart palpitations when dressed. Don't want to dress full time but would love to be in an understanding relationship.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    I started as an early teen with my mother's panties, then dresses and heels. Eventually I would purchase my own items pretending that they were for my girlfriend. I've purged so many times as recent as a month ago. Thankfully due to the internet, it's easier to shop now. I love heels the most. I posted in other posts recently that i'm finally accepting of who I am, and would like to evolve into wearing makeup, wigs etc, and maybe go out one day. I want to enjoy myself before I get older.

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    I was a little bit later getting interested than most of you. I'd always secretly admired how girls clothes looked compared to boys clothes. Girls clothes were cute, creative, bright, bringing out the best features of the girl. Boys clothes were just, not as exciting. In college, a couple of girls left their door opened during a party, and in my drunken haze I wondered in and removed a couple pair of panties from each of their drawers. After I woke the next day, I realized I couldn't simply take them back, so I got the wild idea to try them on. I was so amazed at how comfortable and silky they felt, much more natural than the boring underwear guys had. Fast forward all these years later, and I'm now taking the time to live my desire to bring my feminine side out! I've started slow, started with panties and a newly acquired garter and stocking set. I also was able to buy a cute casual dress at a thrift shop that I want to pair with a jean jacket. Small, baby steps, but so far it's been so much fun!

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    From wearing panties and stockings/pantyhose to fully dressed. Even gone out to a club. Billie Jean

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