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Thread: Finally electrolysis!

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    OH! the dreaded upper lip and central under the nose bit OUCH! its a real white Knuckle and toe curling experiance ,
    Ami glad thats all over and done with for me , till have the nightmares though . lol,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickie_CDTV View Post
    I am an electrologist myself.

    I wouldn't tell her how to do it of course. But if one is ever concerned,you have a right to tell her to thin out (not clear) an area, or work on a given area and not another.
    I'll take what you say but thw first session she worked one side of the upper lip one hour, then 2 days later the other side.
    The following, week she told me to let that area healing and worked on the chin and under lip for two hours.

    Last Friday, she worked on the whole upperlip area but didn't finish, so much thick hair that would cause a damage to do closer spots.

    For some reasons for health insurance guidelines she can't work sooner than a week and this week, on friday, I won't be on the city so the following week we start every Monday for 2 hours.

    I guess this time she will work upperlip again, that's my main concern of darkness yet that I'm needing ward concealer, the rest of the face with a match skin tone
    concealer, everything look great.
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    This is me just now, Tuesday evening, 3 days later. This is bare face no makeup, just moisturizer after shaving this morning as usual. There's still a red dot where they were digging for that ingrown hair but otherwise ok, just a slight color difference. To be fair it was starting to get a few spots last night so I exfoliated big time and that sorted it out.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    @macey I've been doing an hour a week since Nov, minus the holidays. Initially chest only, then mixed in the face from about Feb. We now do one week face, one week chest, alternating to let the skin rest in between. Focus is mostly the top lip and the "soul patch" just under the bottom lip which was quite dark but is now pretty much gone. Next will be the two triangles out from the corners of the lip. You can see them starting to darken already in that photo even though I shaved this morning.

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