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Thread: Greeted with the BIGGEST smile!

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    Greeted with the BIGGEST smile!

    When I drive locally, except for very short distances, I always put on lipstick and earrings, then remove same at my destination...except for yesterday. I pulled into a gas station, removed the lipstick but forgot, just dumb-ass forgot to remove my pearl drop earrings!!! I walked in to pay for my gas, and the young female cashier gave me the biggest smile when I told her how much and the pump number. I walked back to the car and saw my reflection in a window, removed my pearl earrings and started to laugh. I was just glad I didn't have to go inside again to get any change.

    Anything like this ever happen to you gals?

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    Hi Jenny,

    I haven't accidentally left something on but I will often leave a somewhat neutral shade of lipstick on (MAC Mehr is my current favorite for this) when I go in some places. Most people won't notice or if they do they are polite enough to not say anything but the other day I went into a Sephora store with it on and of course the SA noticed. We then proceeded to have a very nice conversation about lip color. I left with a smile on my face.

    It's just the clothes... isn't it?

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    Well again not by accident. But today went to the gas station dressed with some make up on. The caisher was looking at me in a curious sort of way. I smiled to acknowledge I knew she was looking she asked how i was. Did the fine how are you back and forth. Not knowing what to expect I get the counter to buy my drinks normal transaction. At the end. She said have a nice day ma'am. I know I dont pass and I know she knew but still decided to be polite and all. For me ma'am is nice but I am not offended by sir, unless I can tell it is in a how dare you way.

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    U mean u wear just lipstick and ear rings in boy mode?
    I've hear everything now!

    On my first ever Vegas T girl outing I was running out of gas. Coming from a private T party, I stopped at a crowded gas station on the Strip dressed in this!
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    Sherry, I can’t resist asking if you got the car lubed at the same time?

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    Usually it was my nail polish and on occasions lipstick or eye makeup but that's all water under the bridge now as it's the expected normal appearance , I feel odd without it now .
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    Jenny, Too funny. I'm sure that will be talked about for a few days.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Since I've never dressed out of the house, no, but my goodness, I'm chuckling at that story Jenny.

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    She probably was thinking "pearl drops are too formal for that outfit, he should be wearing gold hoops!"
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