I'm kinda venting here. Don't really expect a response.

I come here frequently to read posts, check out the pictures, kinda live vicariously through others. I haven't dressed or put on makeup in a long time. I just realaized today it's been 8 years since I last dressed or really did anyhting gurly. I attended the yearly gala the River City Gems put on. Had an amazing time. Felt great spending time in Tina mode. That was the last time I did anything dressed. I know I could dress, etc at home. But the thought of getting all dressed up with nowhere to go just doesn't appeal to me. I know the makeup I have so too old to use. Sometimes I think about getting one of those cheep makeup kits from one of the online CDer stores... So now it's been 8 years and I wonder if I'm really a crossdresser.

Thanks for letting me vent