This is the first time in a while that I can remember anyone openly being hostile toward me because of crossdressing. I had a guy insist I use the ladies room a while back, but he was kinda going the opposite direction LOL.

I went to a thrift store that I go in some times, mostly in male mode. I was wearing a purple dress and tan pantyhose this time though. I found a few household items like christmas decorations and some pantyhose and made my way to the cashier. The 50ish lady refused to ring me out when I got to the register. She said that "I am not going to serve you" and made a comment to the lady behind me (a gg btw) that she does not have to wait on people like us. I told her to just go get someone that is willing to ring me up (because I dont care if she rings me up or if someone else does, I am not there to be a missionary of crossdressing, just to buy my stuff) and the manager comes up after a minute or so. The lady behind me yelled at him about having bad service and how the cashier thought she was a man. (I think the cashier thought we were together and the woman did have some masculine features) So the manager tells the cashier to get her things and go home, she's not employed there any longer! She argues with him for a minute and then starts yelling at me about how this is my fault. I told her that I didn't ask her to get her boss, just someone to ring me up and that if she didnt like dealing with the public she was in the wrong line of work anyhow. The manager apologized and I thought about asking if I could work there and take her place, but I already work too much.

Anyhow, it was a kinda scary adventure. On one hand, I dont care what people think, and on the other if they are going to work public jobs they should be prepared to serve all of the public.