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Thread: a little funny take on the “why wear a bra if you don’t have anything” idea

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    a little funny take on the “why wear a bra if you don’t have anything” idea

    I have a neighbor, who we are quite close to, who has two young girls (6 & 3) that come over every now and again. We love those little girls as if they’re were like nieces or goddaughters to us.

    Last week I came home in the evening from working out and came in wearing my black leggings and t-shirt I normally wear to the gym. The girls hear me come inside and come running toward me to give me hugs. The older one stops and takes a little step back, kinda leans her head at an angle looking at me and says, “are those... are those girl pants?”

    ”well, no. These are my pants and I’m not a girl am I?”
    ”No but... *turns her head the other side kinda like a puppy does at an odd sound* “they kinda look like...”
    ”Hm. Maybe but they’re my workout pants. They’re stretchy and help me keep covered when I bend down to do exercises.”

    Not totally convinced of my answer she leaves it at that and I go into my bedroom while my wife and their mom continue talking. The little one just adores me and sits in my lap as I’m sitting on the floor cross legged. She pulls at my stretchy pants from the bottom at my calve and asks, “are theses Miss Jane’s?” (not my wife’s name but asking if my leggings are my wife’s) So I repeat what I’d said to older sister.

    The older one now prancing around the room sees my wife’s bra hanging from a dresser drawer handle and says, “is this Miss Jane’s bra???” Kind of like she was asking why does she have this hanging out like this for the world to see. And I said it was and that she must have put it there to let it dry after washing it.

    Then the little one asks, “ do YOU wear a bra?”
    And I’m like... thinking “if you only knew kid.” But say, “well no. i don’t wear one.”
    ”Why? You don’t like them?”

    By now I’m thinking I’m about to burst out laughing but say in as gentle and easy to understand way as I can, “No... it’s not that. They DO look nice.”

    ”Then why don’t you wear one?”
    *dying inside of laughter* “well because my chest is small and I don’t really need. Miss Jane’s is bigger so she wears one.”

    Then she touches my chest and kinda cocks her head to the side like a puppy does. And I’m thinking “my god what is she going to say next?” because I am a touch over weight... hence the need to go to the gym.

    And she says, “Mommy wears a bra. Her chest is WAY bigger than yours. You don’t need to wear one.”
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    Fantastic story with wonderful being human humor. Thanks for sharing.

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    Out of the mouths of babes ......... always good for honest humour, great story

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    kids say the funniest things,

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    Cute story. Thanks for sharing it.

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    How do explain "fetishes" to kids?
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    Kids just say the darndest things. Sounds like you handled it well. Very cute story. Thanks for sharing.

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    Wren, Funny story.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I wonder what they would have said if you where wearing a bra.

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    Cute kids! they are a lot smarter than we credit them with being, wait a couple of months or so and see what they say when you are next seen in your stretch pants.
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    A long time ago Art Linkletter used to have a show on TV called Kids Say The Darndest Things. They still do. Sherrii

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    Ha. I have granddaughters 3-1/2 and 1-1/2. I can envision something like that in my future. We’re moving closer to them and I expect they will be over at our house more and more. I’ll need to be careful with Rhonda’s clothes, which I’m usually very casual with.

    Thanks for the nice story.
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    you cannot fault the wisdom and logic of a six year old - when our granddaughter ordered her meal on Friday evening at our favourite bar she said "I would like the Children's Pasta please" only to be told "we don't have any Children's Pasta". So she asked the waiter "then why do you have it on the menu?".
    luv J

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    I like the conversation you had about the bra. Out of the mouth of babes..... I would burst out laughing if the little girl were to say to an obese man at the beach "You need a bra!" In her mind that would be perfectly logical.

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    I shave everything except my arms and chest ( my wife loves my chest hair) and one day I was wearing a tank top and our neighbors daughters were out playing and the oldest came running over to get her pay for bringing our trash cans to the house from the sidewalk for my wife. My wife made a deal with their mom and I'm usually gone most of the time, but when I come home I get to pay the little girl.
    She got close and then stopped and asked why I didn't have hair under my arms like her Dad does?

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    I loved the story. I have two granddaughters that are due to ask about my chest any day now.
    Actually, I can't figure out why they haven't yet.

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