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Thread: Why Crossdressing

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    Certainly can relate to everyone?s account. Love to hear your stories.

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    oldest demographic in the states ,watching the sea level rise as bone heads point fingers and yell.
    LOL There you go thinking ...again ! expectation on the ceiling never good enough , rose colored glasses 1950's expectations on 1970's budget > tv show in "living color" skits lowered expectations you tube. insight to parents drunk truncated communications over heard by those they speak of ,trying interpret and meet expectations. when it was really a reference to a joke from before you were born . some times the dog kicking grass on that shit is the best thing to do .

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    It began when I was four. How on earth do I begin to answer what drove me to put on my mother's pantyhose then? How did it even happen?

    I don't know if I will ever have the answer to the question of why but it truly has been a part of my entire life and I am at peace with it.

    I have been circling for a thousand years,
    and I still don?t know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
    or a great song.

    Rainer Maria Rilke I live My Life in Growing Orbits

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    I've wondered why for years. I started young and have always liked girls clothes. I love to shop with women especially with my wife. Ironically i'm moving clothes around. Today I was looking at all the lingerie I owned. I don't think there is one answer. I like being a man, but when I was young and passed I loved the ability to be out and about as a girl. I wear women's clothes full time including bras. I have found that as the years go buy wearing women's clothes seems normal.
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    I crossdress because I enjoy wearing the clothes!

    Like everyone else, I have spent years trying to figure out the puzzle of why I crossdress. After much soul searching, it simply boils down to one simple factual explanation.

    This site has been particularly helpful in my journey. Reading others' posts and thinking, "Yes, that sounds like me" or "No, that's not how I feel" has clarified my understanding of a very heavy and burdensome problem!

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    Jean for me its such a natural thing when i am Emma i feel true to myself and relaxed.

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    I dress because of the feminine part of me wants to display herself.

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    I simply like the way the clothes feel on my body. Men's clothes tend to be of a rougher material and can feel like sandpaper sometimes.
    The feeling of a short sleeve knit sweater, the feeling of a nylon slip under a pretty dress, the look of hose and heels, that feeling of how a skirt rubs against the back of your legs as you walk, the red color of your fingernails as you watch yourself type on the keyboard. mmmmmm. Personally for me that is why crossdressing.

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    All I know is I breath better and feel at ease.

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    I enjoy shopping for women's clothing. It's so much fun.

    I have no clue why I want to dress. I have always wanted to dress since I was little. Over fifty ore so years later, I finally gave into my desires and started dressing. I can't begin to tell you how liberating it feels. It makes me feel complete and I can finally be my true self. When I am dressed and looking in the mirror, I see a pretty girl looking back at me.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    I think deep down there is a female trying to get out. Some us she isnt so deep and is out there. I just let her out now and like being her more then him now. I feel more complete and happy when i am her.

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    Although i'm a male I have always had a strong feminine side. Growing up in the 60's in a large Italian American household you can imagine the reaction if I mentioned that. Over the years I wore certain items like tights and pantyhose but never fully dressed. I started fully dressing at about 50. I felt as if another part of me had been released. Now some 15 years later I still love to present myself as Angela. Each of us is different and have different reasons for dressing.

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    Jean Ann, to answer your question ..... Only the Shadow knows!

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    Crossdressing is something that I've always done literally as far back as I can remember. I've had tons of conversations with my mom about it too lol she was uncomfortable at first until she realized it has never been about sexuality. 2, 3, 4 years old I've explained to her why she would find her clothes in odd places or missing altogether lol I was a child attracted to womens clothing more than men's.

    Because we're from east L.A. it was something to laugh at but not take seriously unless you were teasing about it. Being gay or a sissy or feminine could get you killed where I'm from. Hence why I live in Phoenix lol

    I used to be a typical aggressive homophobic male yet I'd wear the clothes of the girl I was dating when she was gone for the day. At this point it became sexual but only by myself privately.

    I was homophobic yet I was proudly the most feminine guy in every group i was in. I always blame drug abuse as my inhibitor allowing me to explore not only me being a crossdresser and possibly transgender (i know some have an issue with this saying they're a CD not a TG but this is how i feel about me) but it helped me explore my sexuality.

    It was only after this point that I started to question my sexuality. I've discovered I just love nice people and I'm willing to have sex with both genders. I consider myself as a bisexual crossdresser cuz yes I'm dating a female but I'm still attracted to males.

    Moving forward to today, I still have a strong desire daily to be undressed at all times, my bra never leaves my body, but I'm not able to be dressed up where I'm living. At least I can still go out once a week en femme. But through all the years in my mind and heart crossdressing and sexuality are separate entities but they intertwine at times seeming to be a single desire.
    Live, laugh, love!

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    Unlike most men's clothing, women's clothing is tantalizing, pretty, sexy, comfortable, and irresistable. Of course, there are wigs, forms, jewelry, makeup, and shoes that make it so much nicer. Being en femme is also very natural for me, as I have been doing it in various forms forever, too.

    Love who you are! You are uniquely you!!

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    I have a love hate relationship with being a Transvestite. I find it so frustrating that I can't be who I want to be. So some days I want to be a bloke but there are many times when I just want to be feminine. A mix of Social stigma and cowardice prevents me. But you just have to love the excitement of shopping for femme clothing.

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