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Thread: A big step today

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    A big step today


    I went to Planned Parenthood and got a prescription for Estrace. For those looking for an informed consent clinic, try PP. I have a letter but didn't need it. I didn't have time to pick it up today, so, tomorrow will be the first day of whatever comes next.

    Since I have known that I was born in the wrong skin from the beginning memory, and I' 57 now, this was a huge day for me. I'm finally taking control of my life in a way that I always needed.
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    In your previous thread you said you went to a doctor and got information about HRT. Where did the letter for hormones come from? Have you been in therapy? How does anyone at Planned Parenthood know what course of treatment is appropriate for you? Medical supervision is very important.

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    Robin, what Jeri Ann said is so true! Medical supervision is a necessity! A good therapist/counselor is also a good thing to have! Do not go it alone! We are here for you but we are not your doctor and if you are like me, you do not share everything with those here! My poor counselor hears it all! Hugs Lana Mae
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    Let me clear this up. I made an appointment with a therapist for last Friday, which I kept. Before seeing her, I researched clinics that provide transitional services for transgender women and found Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is informed consent and they have doctors.

    I went to my appointment with the therapist on Friday and told her that I was going to PP, which she endorsed. I happen to have other options, which I might exercise in the future, such as the VA. I have no copays there as I?m 90% disabled. However, I elect to get my healthcare on the economy as I have great private insurance. So, I asked for a referral letter in case I want to have all my healthcare followed in one place.

    PP did take blood and I have to follow up in 3 months. I am not self medicating or going it alone.

    I am using healthcare professionals and would not endanger myself. The whole point of this is to be myself and you can?t do that if you are dead.

    If I caused confusion, sorry about that. I shared what I shared, which did not include everything I was doing.

    Thank you for caring enough to take the time to ensure I was not doing something destructive or dangerous. I really do appreciate that.


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