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Thread: Why I will remain closeted for the time being ... but for a good reason ... love

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    Why I will remain closeted for the time being ... but for a good reason ... love


    I want to share just a quick journey and the reason why, as of last night, I will not share my dressing with my wife of 26 years, for the time being.

    Like many, I've been dressing since my very early teens. In my case, that's more than 40 years. The physical and emotional reasons have varied over time (or at least, swung along a spectrum of fetish to just being relaxed and feeling good and calm while dressed), and I've been through purges and buying sprees. I have a small but comfortable (and hidden) set of clothes and wigs etc now that I adore. I can dress just enough to keep the worst of the pink fog away ... long mornings alone in the house and especially trips away. Anyway ...

    Kids (22 and 18) are now both out so we're empty nesters. Oldest working after a very successful uni run, youngest just into uni. The greatest thing I've ever done besides meeting my SO was having those two in my life. Nothing compares. As many parents here know ... you would do anything to see your kids emotionally happy and healthy ... to be great, caring, smart, hopeful human beings.

    I took this moment to reconsider telling my wife about my dressing. Honestly, the worst I really think might happen is eye rolls and "whatever". Our intimate life has slowed wayyyy down (menopause) but we still do everything else a devoted couple does in how we share and what we share. So I thought, she'll maybe not openly accept me as a cross dresser and shop for/with me, but at least she won't leave, and I'd be stuck in a DADT thing where at least I've been honest with the one secret I keep.

    Then last night ... my oldest had texted me and said he needed to talk. We were picking up the youngest at uni for the holiday weekend home, and suggested to call us on the car ride home and we'd speaker phone. No, needed to talk just to me. I said sure. As someone who never could approach my dad about anything (whole other topic, that is) I thought to myself ... we've raised a brave kind, and whatever comes out will be okay. The rattled and scared 22 year old voice when the call came, I was alone in my attic studio, had me concerned but ready ... I heard a the voice of a lovely female friend of my kids in the background saying "It'll be okay" ... then the whispered words ...

    "Dad, I'm trans."

    My reply was immediate, sincere, holding back tears and very sincere (paraphrasing) ... "I love you. I am so proud of the person you are, who you are growing into, you as an amazing human being, you could not be more perfect to me." She cried and sobbed with such relief I could feel it 100 miles away. I heard her friend (who we know pretty well) crying in the background.

    My son told me ... his father ... the first family member he knows he can trust ... that he is transitioning to become a woman. I could not be happier for her. I am sorry we missed last April when she finally "snapped" (her words) and the intense dam broke for her emotionally. I am thrilled to find out that all her amazing freinds remain supportive, loving, and a great network for her. We talked about life and everything she wanted to in a hour, medicines, her medical support, so much ... that has to be the emotionally deep thing I have experienced since the kids were born. She told me her new name. A variant of Katherine. I told her I loved her. I said I would always be, like every parent, worried about her safety and her emotional happiness, and that we are always a safe place for her to be.

    I have given her space (and my support) to think about how to share all this with my wife. But we will win. This will be a positive thing. She's free to be her with us. And I am the happiest dad in the world, despite the whirlwind of feelings and emotions that drove a happy, but poor sleep last night.

    So, at this point in our lives together, with the fact that my wife will need time and space to accept this change in our lives and her own emotional being, I think it's probably not the time to have "the talk" with her. I don't think adding the need to process a transgender adult kid *and* a crossdressing husband is a smart move, too much of a one-two punch? But I will use her reaction to this to guage whether one day, a few years from now, this might be something to approach again. So ... back in the closet, dear sisters, but with a great deal of joy knowing that the kids are (and will be) alright.

    i know I have this amazing community to be part of going forward in my own journey. Thanks everyone for listening ...

    Have a great day!

    (PS. Hopefully the right forum to share. Admins may move as needed.)
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    you of coarse did the right thing by supporting your trans daughter....i hope your wife has a positive reaction....she may push blame for that on you should you come out which would not be right, we all know we dont know why or how we came to be like this.

    at the very least type up a letter to your wife explaining why you do this and that you were faithful and keep it with your "set of clothes and wigs" should she find them before or after your passing. my wife knows and i have one for my son and her anyway....
    i dressed like a girl and i liked it! crossdressing...theirs an app for that those who deny freedom deserve it not for themselves
    NOBODY gets a pass to blow out someone else's candle in order to make theyre's shine brighter

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    Julia, This is an incredible story on many levels. First of all, as a father and grandfather, I entirely support your decision. Our kids come first! You, of course have already waited a long time to share your secret, waiting longer shouldn’t be that big a deal for you. But, this situation with your adult child is fascinating. It not only contributes to speculation about the “trans gene,” but also gives you opportunities to provide amazing support as your daughter transitions, and an opportunity for your wife to get an education on transgender issues and for you to see how she reacts. You are correct to set aside your own needs for now, but perhaps down the road the most supportive thing to do for your daughter will be to come out of the closet — you will have to wait to see. Thanks for sharing this amazing story. Please keep us updatied about how K does with her transition and how your wife responds. Nancy
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    Wow .. What a story. You have a difficult situation to be sure as your Mrs processes the situation. I'd be concerned about your stash being found though and being forced into that talk. It would be like a double whammy for your wife. Perhaps you may want to take steps to prevent that.

    Telling your SO is such a personal choice and fraught with danger. I agree with holding until YOU feel the time is very wise and just.

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    Amazing life, and an amazing story. Best wishes to you and all of you family. Sounds as though you all can work you way through this issue.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    Thank you everyone for such the positive and encouraging words, feedback, and support!! I feel very fortunate to have found these forums, and to be here and to be able to share.

    For Renee, I assure you that my clothes etc are stashed extremely well, and have been for decades. I've very much mastered the art of concealing that box of my pretty things. Unless we had a house fire and were forced to scrabble through the burnt out remains, there is very little chance my SO would find my secret stash.

    And mykell ... that is a wonderful idea! I absolutely will.
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    Closeted for 45 years, so please take any advice I might offer with a massive dose of reality.
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    Amazing story Julia. Good luck working through it. Hopefully the wife reacts as well as you did.

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    Wow Amazing story Julia. And wish you a good luck working though this situation.

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    You are a wonderful husband, father & role model. Your son entrusted his soul to you & your response must have been a great relief for him. I echo best wishes as your family goes through this multi avenue journey. Very proud of you & your son.

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    First I'll repeat what a good friend told me when I was debating whether to come out to my son , " What makes you think he's not hiding something from you ? "

    In that context your son isn't hiding from you anymore , thank goodness society has changed for him to come out like this .

    I'm in two minds about future conversations with your son , I'm inclined to think coming out to him may help him deal with his situation better . OK the big problem is the double outing to your wife , how would she take it ? For the time being it maybe advisable to let the dust settle and for both of you to come to terms with your son .

    If you came out to your son is it fair to ask him not to say anything ? If it genuinely did help him I would consider him first , he will need a great deal of support and he'll know you aren't holding back with it .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    Oh Julia that is such a beautiful story. As a father I can completely relate to this statement: "as many parents here know ... you would do anything to see your kids emotionally happy and healthy."

    You have clearly done an amazing job as a parent and father. As a father I would be so incredibly proud for my son to trust me with something that emotionally personal and life changing. Mad respect
    and very proud of you.

    It is completely understandable keeping Julia in the closet at this point. Sometimes things happen for a reason and it is probably best that Julia remain in the shadows ... for now. Hopefully in the future you will find the right time.

    Wishing you and you family all the best on this journey.

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    I love this story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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    You should be so proud that you have raised a child that loves you and can trust you with anything. Kids need parents like this to go through life and all the things that come their way. Wise to wait, you clearly put family first. It will be interesting to read how your journey unfolds as time goes on and hopefully your opportunity comes with the support of the family. Your new daughter certainly adds to a new understanding of who people really are inside and the pressures to hide it out of fear and rejection. I wish you all the best!

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    Oh, Julia... Be proud. Be happy. You have raised a child who has the confidence, insight, and self respect to come to grips with who she is. You have also, clearly, demonstrated the kind of love that made it safe for her to confide in you. Well done.

    There will likely come a time when your support, as someone also on the TG spectrum, will be indispensable to your daughter. Kudos to you for recognizing that this is not that time. All she needs for now is the love and affirmation you're already showing her. When, or if that time does come, perhaps in a moment of doubt, when only the uniquely empathetic words you may speak will do, you'll know. I'm just guessing - she's your daughter, but you seem to have done things right so far.


    "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones."
    -- John Lennon

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    I do agree with others that it is not the time for any 'reveal' of yourself to your wife. One thing to keep in mind is the relationship between a parent and a child is different than the relationship between a husband and wife. The emotions are not going to be the same. Glad to hear your son has the support of friends on this journey.

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    Hi Julia. It is a journey. And everyone around us is included. You are a fabulous parent and husband. You've made a fabulously wise choice not to disclose at this time.
    Our primary goal in life is to raise and inspire our children.
    Your time will come a couple of stops down the road.
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
    My new maid's outfit is cute. Sure fits tight.
    And then I step into the bedroom and in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman looking back at me.
    Smile, Honey! You look fabulous!

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    Every parent. And I mean every parent should have the relationship that you and your daughter have. You done right.
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    I am happy for you, but you know it might be a little easier for your wife to accept this if she know about you.

    Please fill us in on how she takes it.

    I know you say you are "just a crossdresser" but as I always say CD's must be a little TG or you probably never would have had the desire to CD in the first place

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    Julia, I have a great deal of respect for you and your wife raising a child who can feel safe confiding in her parent with this news. You know what the journey will be like for her as she moves through all the steps. If there is any way to direct her to this resource, it may help. You can simply tell her you found an online forum that may help her. We can understand, however, if you would not like to.

    Safe traveling to your entire family.

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    Generally, what Laura said plus: good to restrain your self on coming out at this time! Best wishes for all! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    Julia so glad you are supporting your new daughter, like you i know the peril's of being transgender, i hope both of your flourish and live long and happy lives

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    I am so glad your Daughter was able to share this with you.
    Having been here gives you more of an insight than most, so you will understand a lot of what she is going through right now.
    The main thing is to support her right now as she moves forward in her journey.

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    Great job on being there for the most important of feelings that needed to be shared. And we will be here to listen....
    HRT 15th week....

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    It is a beautiful thing that your daughter (son) confided in you and your reaction was perfect. The fact that you understand the quandary she is in must be an amazing feeling for her. All too often it goes the other way and sometimes with disastrous results. I agree with your decision to hold off on the talk with your wife. Perhaps later will be better after your wife has come to grips with having a trans child.

    The fact that you are some sort of trans person and your son is as well, lends credence to the idea that this behavior pattern is a genetically transferable characteristic of some kind. With, according to latest research, about 3,500 genes involved in producing our gender identities it would be hard to imagine that gender variance is not genetic and purely environmental and learned. It just doesn't make sense that we choose this way of life. As some scientists say, it may be a predisposition that we are born with and all it takes is a trigger to activate the predisposition. Thing about predispositions is that, in general, they come with an on switch but are missing an off switch. You can manage the predisposition, but you can rarely eliminate it once it is activated. The ones that can be eliminated seem to be very minor.

    Something like gender identity is such an integral part of who we are it is unlikely it can be switched off. I have found that even testosterone suppression, which I currently am in as a part of prostate cancer treatment, doesn't completely turn off the gender feelings. It weakens them, but turning them off doesn't happen and my testosterone is just about zero now. I therefore conclude that my gender sense may be enhanced by hormones, but it is not produced by hormones. It is definitely coming from something much deeper. I suspect that is the case in you as well and in your trans child. This may be useful information when it comes time to spill the beans to your wife about yourself. Until then, I agree with your decision to hold off on that.

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    I recently shared a video in a thread called ?the most beuitiful thing?. You should watch it. Good stuff. I?m glad that you are there as the father to support your kid going through what she is about to. It?s going to be a difficult road. I agree maybe telling your SO isn?t the right time as she is going to be going through a lot trying to process the change of her kid.

    I feel that one day be told the same thing as my son who is turning seven at the end of the month. As of right now he only wants to wear girl shoes, coats, and leggings. I take him to the boys section and he says he do t like anything there and keeps going to the girl?s department. He also keeps saying he don?t want short hair cuts and wants his hair to be long. My kid has be very vocal about what he wants to wear for the last year (when I started letting him pick his clothes at the store). He also tells me he hates his name.

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