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Thread: Yep, just another one of those taking a little step outside threads

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    Yep, just another one of those taking a little step outside threads

    I know, we've seen these posts oh so many times. While tonight I finally tossed on a dress and went for a drive. Actually I walked a bit around my home outside, down the sidewalk. Eh, pretty boring, no one around. So into the car I go. Hmmm, grabbed a bag with some male shoes, shirt and pants, just in case something happened. I drive a bit and eventually go get some gas. OMG, I bought gas in a dress!! :~) Pretty empty station and some saw me from the side a bit and some passing cars, but really not any interaction. What a chicken shit huh?

    My wife is out of town for the weekend and I frankly I almost didn't do it. As the evening wound down, I ate dinner and had a beer, and I'm feeling a little bushed from all the stuff I did today. I was seriously thinking of just watching TV and going to bed. Plus it is a hassle to get all my stuff out of its stash in the top of the garage. PITA, but that works both ways. Gees, though, I hate to miss an opportunity, they come so seldom.Finally I did get some things out and then it started to feel so good to transform. I am sure my makeup is one step above a clown, but once again as you put it on, you see what it can do and think of all the possibilities should I ever master that craft. I doubt I will with the few times I get to use it. I might as well use a 1/4 inch dowel to apply eye liner. Would get the same effect. Nonetheless, I persevered and it was liberating. I wish I could do this once every week or so with the wife's blessing and maybe help, but that will be a cold day in you know what.

    So I, like many others felt this need to share this with you ladies. This forum is my support group and it just all comes out. I know, it didn't happen without photos. I have taken some but am reluctant to post them at this time.

    My one question is, have you wanted to dress and had the chance and then did not because you just didn't have the drive, energy, or gumption to do so?
    I just want to be pretty once in a while

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    Congratulations Traci, you have been out and that is actually a big step. I remember a couple of times just going for a little circular drive after my ex went to work and it felt amazing.

    Yes, when I had limited time I would look forward to the prospect of time to dress and sometimes, due usually to factors like tiredness, wouldn't be really be bothered. I might at that point do something else or just go for bare minimum. It did feel a waste, though my times weren't as limited.

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    For starters, please don't worry about, "another one of those posts". For those of that are new here, it is that frequent stream of those posts about new experiences that give us the courage to grow too...

    So, to answer your question... simple answer is yes. I work at a very physically demanding job. My wife and I are the nannies in the evenings for the grandchildren so that her daughter can go to work. Needless to say there is already precious little time for Caylee. So yes, there are plenty of times the best I can muster is a Soma sleep shirt. In retrospect though, I do regret some missed opportunities. It may have helped lift my spirits a little more if I had pushed a little bit harder.

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    Traci, CayleeMarie is correct on her comment about not to worry about “another one of those posts” if someone sees this thread or another like it they can just pass it by and not check it out. I still love reading them all.

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    Hi Traci,

    Congrats on taking your first steps outside. Thanks for sharing.

    To answer your question... no, my opportunities to dress are far and few between so I seize the moment even I don't have the urge to dress. If I felt more comfortable dressing around my wife I would have more opportunities.

    This forum is wonderfully supportive and encouraging place. I love reading about everyone's experiences and sharing my own.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    Everyone starts somewhere and as others have said your experiences give support to those who hope to one day follow your lead. If no-one writes about these things then to all intents and purposes they may as well not happened. The more that post on this, the more it encourages others.

    I wish you all the best in your further adventures.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    I always have the drive and energy to dress witch I do every day except when I walk the dog. and my loving wife is good with it.

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    Always great to hear these stories Traci. Love reading them. Congrats on actually following through and getting out.
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    and I still don?t know if I am a falcon, or a storm,
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    To answer your question, yes. And I've usually regretted it.

    But, there are many more times when I've forced myself to dress when I didn't really feel like it. I've never regretted it. Not even once.

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    I remeber well my first drives out . The first time I just did a five mile circuit the next time I drove into the next town , it was going well until I had to stop at a pedestrian crossing , I'd never had people pass that closely before , just literally in front of my car , they looked me straight in the face and gave me a wave in acknowledgement . Then panic set in , I didn't have any male clothes , I'd taken my wife's car in case my car was recognised also what happens if I break down ?

    I also rememebr the first time I drove to my social group , it was a thirty mile trip on a busy dual carriageway , all the time I was thinking what other drivers could see .

    I have to smile at all that now because I do it everyday and never give it a thought .

    The point to remember is people aren't expecting to see a CDer so most will ignore you .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    I'm curious...
    Was it the threat of being "caught" that brought the juice? Don't get me wrong, there is almost no "thrill sport" that I haven't at least tried, so if that's the driver for you, more power to you. For me though, presenting en fem was never about that. Fem is what I am, not something I "do".
    "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones."
    -- John Lennon

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    Sounds like my first experience. I was new to makeup, and to be charitable I did not look natural at all lol. I drove down to the gas station, my stomach in knots, then right back home. But it was a first step, and believe it or not it got easier lol.

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    There were many times when I had the opportunity to be en femme, but, I did not avail myself to the opportunity. In years past my wife went out of state to visit her cousin or our daughter when she lived in the mid-west. Wow! I had seven to ten days of 24/7 time. The anticipation of the opportunities built up. The last time she was on a trip it was for eight nights and nine days. If I recall correctly I went out for an evening drive and stroll twice. There were days when I did not even dress or, if I did, I had to force myself. For me, the has to be the inner self actually wanting to do it. Decades ago I experienced a lot of frustration. I had to "grab crumbs of time" to be en femme. Looking back it seems totally ridiculous; quickly donning some feminine articles only to strip them off hastily after an hour. Now? If I do not have a full day I don't bother at all. When I had my last "adventure" of eight nights alone I did go twice for a drive and stroll. I went to a safe residential neighborhood that also has small stores that usually close no later than six to eight o'clock and restaurants and grocery stores that stay open later. It's the perfect opportunity to lug a tote as if I was returning from shopping. Up and down the streets and around the blocks. Yes, the cool breeze caressing my legs and playing with the skirt of my dress and slip felt wonderful. After awhile that too becomes boring for me. No interaction with humans by choice. But, the built up urge was satisfied. My wife says she is going to stay over night at our daughter's apartment forty miles away and babysit her child as mom and dad go out for the evening. I am looking forward to that trip.

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    Hi Traci,
    I have that a lot. Just last weekend as a matter of fact. When I had just about written it off, my supportive wife suggested I dress. That was the last little push I needed. I did, and enjoyed it immensely as I knew I would. But many times I have made plans to dress and nixed them just because I wasn?t feeling it. As many here have said , it happens.
    If you only knew the power of the pink fog! ~Joss

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    Traci, I pass up a lot of opportunities to dress, usually not enough time and if I dress sans makeup and not fully presentable to go out - then I don't want to take the trouble, so for me a planed outing with plenty of time is what I wait for ( most of the time ) and much more satisfying. I am 74 and have grandchildren that have there own kids, all are close and it makes it very hard to work in a little "me" time...………………...Debra

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    Quote Originally Posted by CayleeMarie View Post
    For starters, please don't worry about, "another one of those posts".
    For every member here, each first time out is a big and memorable accomplishment and is unique, and the person should ALWAYS should be allowed to describe said event.

    Congratulations Traci

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    Traci, So glad that you got out dressed. I'm sorry that your wife is not supportive.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I recently took a big first step myself, I mentioned it in an earlier thread. Very late at night i took a walk through the casino I was staying at in Vegas. I do not try to pass, I was just wearing women's clothes only, a first out side my home. No one seemed to notice except a security guard who i imagined has seen that before. It did feel great to show that part of myself to the world.

    This venture was supposed to be with my wife but it was too late and i did not want to wake her. She asked later if i wanted to go out again but i had no energy. It was no big deal as i was sure no one would know me and pretty sure no one would care. I guess is was hoping one of you all would see me and we would have a nice conversation.

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