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Thread: Did it start with shoes for anyone else?

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    It started with pantyhose for me though heels were not too far behind.

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    Between here and there but mostly here close to the donuts.
    Nope I have no clue what started it.
    Don't have any fetishes either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenn View Post
    Not sure if I stared with shoes, but wearing women's Keds were part of my initial foray into crossdressing. I now wear ballet flats as often as I can, and while i don't fully dress, they are still an important part of my wardrobe.
    Heya Brenn - I just checked out yer blog, some interesting reading there - but my wife will 100% take umbrage with your review of Rothys, she thinks they're the absolute greatest shoe on the planet, bar none!
    Bearded, hairy, beer-chugging, truck-drivin', wife lovin' manly man...
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    For me it was dresses/skirts. But I really wanted to wear heels initially. But my sister and mom shoes did not fit me, I was too scared to buy them at the store, and I even tried to make high heels out of various things and they were never good enough to feel real. When I first accepted myself heels were the second thing I bought after a skirt

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    Bras came first for me, then I discovered shoes. Now I wear women's shoes daily, even in guy mode. I don't have a single pair of men's running shoes.

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    Yes, I bought a pair of mules at Madewell, which started the whole ball rolling, a dress from Madewell pushed me into serious trans territory.

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    Heels and then hose were my initial interests. I was fascinated with high heels. I think a fair number of crossdressers felt the same when they were young. fascination with heels is pretty common across generations (not sure if that is true for the under 30 dressers though.)

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    It was never about shoes for me, it was always dresses at a younger age. As I got older I enjoyed hosery, but now alot of things that never attracted me to dressing are becoming my more favorite things. Hair for one. When I was younger I had great long hair, now I'm balding. So I like the way the hair feels on my shoulders. But shoes were never a concern scince I never go out, but I did get a pair of pumps the other week, my first pair of female shoes, a two inch heel, (already being over 6ft tall I I didint need much heel. I'm still learning how to operate them seeing how they didint come with an instruction manual. But it is exhilarating to hear that 'click' on the floor and my calves perk up when I walk. I'll definitely be buying another pair of shoes soon.

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    Mine started with pantyhose, then came shaving and polish, then came heels....then....well, you know the rest lol
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    Somewhere around ten years old. Pantyhose. All down hill from there.

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    I can not say for certain, as I remember dressing in my mom's undies when I was young, but my wife bought me a pair of high heels as a joke for Christmas a few years back and the dam burst from that point on. I had been buying her heels and some she couldn't wear for long, but that was ok as She didn't need to wear them long, or the clothing she had on too! She bought me a pair of heels and said it I liked them so much I could wear them too. I have a small collection of about twenty pairs now, and have had more in the past that got tossed as they wore out. Heels are definitely my hot button

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    For me it began with lingerie though I've always liked the look of a good pair of heels. Especially heeled boots. I look round the footwear dept In shops I get jealous of the choice on offer for women! A lot of them I like are either expensive or I can't get in my size! I'm a UK Size 9 wide fit!

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    It seemingly started with high heels for me.

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    Shoe size: 9 US women's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz View Post
    Heya Brenn - I just checked out yer blog, some interesting reading there - but my wife will 100% take umbrage with your review of Rothys, she thinks they're the absolute greatest shoe on the planet, bar none!
    LOL! They are good flats, just not for me.

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    I was alone at home, reading a cheap novel. At one point, one of the characters mentions high heels. Just that phrase started something in me. I went back to my sister's closet, found a pair of her heels, and put them on. That was it -- I haven't stopped since.

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    Started with Women's Nike Sneakers 30 years ago. I had a pair that turned pink after hiking Grand Canyon.

    Last five pairs of shoes. Target black kitten heels, tried them on in the store. Cole Haan Stillettos, red 45mm, nude 75mm. Heeled booties. Heeled Oxfords.


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    I was about ten when I put on a pair of my sisters riding boots. She had heel plates on them and i loved that sound which developed into a fetish and I had them on my shoes and boots. As I grew older the sound of clicking heels set me on point. Then I bought heels for myself. After I married I bought heels for my wife but always had a couple of pair stashed somewhere in the house. Now it's flats or boots with jeans most every day. Anyway, it started with shoes and it's never gone away.

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    For me it was panties. Hose, too. I can remember being chastised for trying my grandmother's heels at an early age. So maybe there was some latent attraction. No particular shoe fetish, but lately I have been picking up targets of opportunity at thrift stores, where I do all of my shopping. Last night I found a pair of size 11 pink sneakers at the thrift store outlet store!

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    Since I’m a breast man, bras are pretty much where I started over 40 years ago and they're still what I buy the most.
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    No it didn't start with shoes for me. But I remember donning a pair of heels at a very young age when a few of the neighbor kids and I were kind of playing dress up! The heels were too big for me and I get that same feeling now when a pair of heels are kind of loose on my feet.

    For me it was panties that really got me going.
    "You're the only one to see the changes you take yourself through", Stevie Wonder

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    Various types of shorts and cute belts for me. I enjoy shaving my legs and then of course showing them in summer, so I’ve collected a fair amount of shorts since. That being said, I have a fair amount of sandals to go with

    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. - Rush

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    For me in the 60s at about five,
    My parents had large parties and the women all in dresses so nice, makeup, and perfume would hug me and say I was so cute, I was hooked on women!
    Loved the way they dressed and looked.
    Then my sister dressed me up as a Ballerina and I've been dressing ever since!
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
    I do construction like house building and I love CD-ing, what's the difference?

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    Oh, Judy! I so know just what you speak of. Those women looked fabulous and I wanted to be just like them
    The only trouble was is that I didn?t understand at such a tender age that all of my dreams might not come true.
    I still love the glamorous side of femininity though and I'm happy that I stayed in touch with and never totally
    lost that part of myself. My weakness though was hosiery. My mom still talks about how I, as a baby, would crawl
    to her and her friends, feeling their legs to see if they were wearing nylons. Thanks for bring back such happy memories.

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    Big feet - took a while to find heels that fit so shoes were not first

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    In the 80s, at age thirty, I did buy a pair of black leather knee-high boots with 3 3/4" heels that supercharged my crossdressing journey . . . BUT . . .

    My first crossdressing experience was at age five or six when I methodically tried to transform a bath towel into a "wrap" dress, long before Diane von Furstenberg made it a housewife's must-have. I was so transfixed by this process that I didn't hear my mom enter my bedroom. And, I was so naive about crossdressing (duh, I was really young) that when asked, I told my mom what I was doing. Then and there, I received my first education on what little boys are not to wear.

    Of course, that didn't stop me.

    A year or two later I found her bathing suit with a skirt attached. I had a lot of fun in that until one day it just disappeared from her bottom bureau drawer. Did she know? Nothing was said.

    Many years of sporadic, piecemeal crossdressing ensued, and then I acquired those boots . . .
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