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Thread: Finally came out to ex-wife

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    Finally came out to ex-wife

    From very early in our relationship, she knew that I liked TS women and that I considered TVs attractive. She also knew that I was deeply attracted to her masculine characteristics and we both enjoyed those indulgences.

    Fast forward, for a number of reasons, our marriage could not last, but we remained close friends. After several years single, she began dating a guy who has an incredible physique, even better than hers. Needless to say, they both are the complete opposite of me in that department. It makes sense her boyfriend would be as dedicated to the gym as she is. Even though our divorce did not have anything to do with my CDing or anything related, there are parts of me that felt guilty about not being the man she needed or deserved. So I'm really happy for her, because she totally upgraded! lol I met her boyfriend a handful of times the past few years, but the exchanges were always quick and cordial, never any significant amount of time. One day a couple months ago, I was looking at her pics on Instagram and when I saw a comment from him, I just curiously clicked over to his feed and WHOA. I was literally losing my breath while checking out his pics. I had never experienced anything like that seeing him in person. Again, I felt guilty, only this time it was because I was lusting after her boyfriend.

    I initially thought I would keep it to myself, but after mulling it over, I decided to tell her. I can't say whether I was being selfish or trying to be unselfish or just wanting to be honest or what, but it felt like the right thing to do, whatever the outcome. There was no threat or insult, so I thought it would be OK.

    And it wasn't just OK, it was perfect. She was completely excited by the news. Her eyes lit up and she made me go on my phone to show her the exact pic I had reacted to. I think she always wanted me to admit to being more than a "little gay". And I think she was also happy to make me jealous. hehe I don't think she ever had doubts, but we have had some really cool conversations about things since it became crystal clear. As our conversation was winding down, he phoned. She left the phone open while we talked for a couple more minutes and then said our good-byes and I told her to tell him he looks "mm-mm good"......only I didn't know the phone was open! He heard me. And apparently, he was flattered.

    We all still have not hung out yet socially, but she has teased that she would love to see him flirt with me when we do. I don't know if that's really true, but they are both studs, so my femme fantasy side has been in hyperdrive hoping that it is....and that he does.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share as I do have moments of going crazy thinking about it.

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    As a fellow man going through a divorce, I understand your inadequacies towards not being the man you needed to be for her, although my wife never knew about my CD pleasures. I feel in my mind it still held me back from being the husband I needed to be. I'm glad you two still have a relationship and can openly talk to each other. I hope when you all get together it goes well!

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    Great story. Glad you and your ex can still be friends.
    Just another man in a dress

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    It's nice and all, but I think you are playing with fire.

    Unless you are looking for excitement, which could go rather way, you should keep your distance.

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    ALWAYS keep your distance from an ex that is fire you may not think so right now but trust me there is a pilot light light in waiting to light that fire.
    If you can't laugh and have fun you might as well go home.

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    This can go bad in so many ways...

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