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Thread: Going to talk to therapist today about my crossdressing

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    Well Kendra I have to ask why wouldn't you tell them?

    I am guessing that you are seeing a "shrink" as you put it, for reasons other than your crossdressing. Now I will admit, I have my own issues therapists and don't see one, but I do understand how it works. You need to be completely open and honest with your therapist or you are wasting your money and both of your time.

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    I picked a friendly looking female therapist at random and wrote to her. I explained that I liked dressing and could I come and see her in drag. She agreed and, having taken lot of trouble to look good, went to see her and talked for an hour. She was great, and very helpful and I now see her regularly. I recommend it.

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    By all means, Ginger, If you are having difficulty bringing up the subject, write it down and read it, or just hand it to her, or Email it. A professional therapist is not going to be judgemental about it. Therapy is expensive and you deserve to get your money's worth. Wasting time beating around the bush is not going to ease your stress. You will feel better when you've got it out in the open.
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    IMHO if there is conflict in a marriage over the cross dressing issue, therapy may have a limited benefit. Of course one issue is dealing with one's own angst about wearing women's clothing. The other conflict is with a wife. If a wife does not want to participate that may be a really big problem. Once you accept yourself, what happens? Is there still rejection by the woman you love and presumably loves you too? To some degree the divide may become greater once you're comfortable with your own being. How will a wife view her husband's self acceptance and self assurance?

    Over the years I have mentioned numerous times I see a counselor for war related PTSD issues. I also participate in group therapy with men who have had similar issues. It was suggested couples therapy would be of benefit. My wife has issues which predate my relationship with her, and, have had significant consequences for her and our marriage. Yet she refuses to address them. In fact at a session, which became our one and only couples session, she said "We're here for you! Not me!" So, in part the individual therapy also entails trying to work around another person's issues and the refusal of that person to address them. So, her issues in effect become your issues too. In itself that becomes an issue resulting in stress.

    And, if your outlet for relieving stress is to cross dress, it may become almost like a dog chasing its tail.

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    I had my first session today. It was nice to just talk about my life and tell her my story. I am seeing it as just a place to open up and talk through where this journey may take me. I plan on seeing her every couple of weeks for now.

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    Here's wishing you will have productive sessions. They won't all be earth shattering. Indeed, most won't, but each will be as effective as what you bring to it. Good luck to you.

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    Been doing the same thing for months

    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger82 View Post
    I have been seeing this lady for therapy for awhile now(About other things). I trust her and like her approach. I have been putting it off, but I?ve finally decided to talk to her about my crossdressing compulsions and see what comes of it. Maybe I can figure out what I truly want out of this.
    I?m really nervous about doing this. Anyone else, who?s been down this route, have any tips before I go in?
    You will have fun with it! It?s a little uncomfortable at first but you will learn to have tons of fun with it. You get to finally talk with someone who just wants to listen and help. I look forward to our sessions to discuss things I can?t with my wife until I sort out my thoughts.
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    I think the DADT situation is the worst, but at the same time, maybe as good as it gets situation. As in my case it managed to keep things static while eliminating the lines of dialogue about an important part of our (my) life. I would love to have a real conversation about this obsession of mine to see if there is some sort of middle ground where we could discuss it's ramifications, both hers and mine. Her feelings are important to me but I seldom hear about her feelings on this subject.

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    Good for you for continuing your search for the real "you", Ginger. It's scary but it's also positively exciting.

    While I have not discussed with a therapist about any of my dressing desires I did manage to find one really good friend from chatting online. He is a generation ahead of me yet we are similarly minded and in similar situations re: life itself. We share frank discussion via messaging and this gives us both the opportunity to air our thoughts about absolutely anything without being face-to-face. We have been in contact now for 10+ years and I cannot think of a more valuable lottery to have been the recipient of than meeting this person online. We may meet one day but it's not important, certainly not as important as validating our thoughts and curiosities to one another has been.

    It's always an adventure, big or small, so hopefully you witness and experience all the good things that come from your visits. Any of the down days or downer feelings are expected but I always felt that was simply my mind overcoming what society had told me was "normal" and what wasn't.

    You are who you are and you can do far worse in life than learn about yourself, in person or from afar with another. Good Luck!

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    Interesting. I started a thread last week about finally seeing a therapist about my dressing/gender issues. My wife is supportive. Once I made the decision I felt much more at ease. Good luck to you.

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