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Thread: almost caught, a familier theme

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    almost caught, a familier theme

    thought i would share my recent scare. enjoy and smile if you want.

    Monday mornings is a dress time for me, the wife goes off to a volunteer position and i have until from about 8:30 till 12-30 to enjoy. Off she went as usual, and i was pretty much dressed within 5 minutes of her leaving. settled down with my coffee reading this site dressed in red tank top, red undies and pleated skirt. bra filled and augmented with chicken fillets, totally content. to day i had felt busty, so i had two sets of forms on.

    i read that it was veteran's day and the thought did cross my mind wondering if her place would be closed or not. I dismissed it, as she is pretty good at keeping up with those type of items. About an hour later, i just happened to hear what sounded like the front door opening! an immediate panic on my part!
    A MEGA QUICK duck into the bedroom, close the door and with my foot against the door, immediately started stripping off the top, bra, and skirt. Tossing them onto the floor at the far side of the bed! A Quick pull on of the sweats, and a t shirt and i could open the door. Cool! all good! i heard her in the kitchen and not coming to the back of the house!

    I shouted my hello as i ducked back into the office and backed out of the site. I had forgotten in my panic to check the bed. A moment later, i hear, "whats this?" from the bedroom. Here she comes holding one of the pads in her hand. Now a moment here. My breast pads are "original look" brand and are somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-15 years old. they are no longer solid but basically a bag of beige liquid. She gives it to me and asks what this is and do i know anything about it. keeping a straight face i calmly say "hmmm, that's funny. i think its some kind of packing stuff: I had opened a package earlier and maybe it fell out."

    A bit of clarification, we are in a DADT relationship, i told her about my dressing before we got together, and normally she gives me a call when she is heading home. She does know where i keep some of my clothing but never has seen me dressed or wants to. She has no idea that i have breast enhancers or the like.

    Anyway, she handed me the piece and moved off into another part of the house. i was still wearing the undies and the rest was still on the floor on the other side of the bed. going back in to the bedroom, i quickly put away the top and skirt, climbed out of the undies and gathered the bra up. my forms went back into their box and then i looked at the bed. there lay the other form from the second set, right in the middle of the bed! Somehow she had not seen it.

    I gathered all that up, put it away and went out in the living room and asked her about the morning. she recounted that the place was closed, so she had gone to the p.o. to mail a letter , then to the grocery to get a couple of things. Nothing else was said or mentioned, and has not been since.

    in the some what double life many of us lead, those bits of super adenine mixed with the pleasure of dressing can make for a exciting life. sorry this was long, but i though i would share if only to bring a smile or knowing wag of the head.

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    I have a DADT relationship with my live in, adult, daughter. But, it's nothing like yours! I tell her where and when I will be dressing and we arrange for her to either not be home or not enter the room/area I'll be dressed in.

    What u r doing with your SO is: LSH, "Lie, sneak, and hide"!

    Maybe it's time for the "talk"? And, come to a workable compromise? Unless LSH turns u on!?
    It DIDN'T work for me!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    I feel sorry for you. My Wife was OK with my dressing, as long as I did
    not go out of the house. But I did not overwhelm her with a lot of dressing.
    It worked out well for the two of us.

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    While my wife is totally okay with my dressing, her live in daughter and the two granddaughters know nothing about my dressing. So with a house full, there have been a few close calls with me running to the bedroom when they return home unexpectedly. It would make things easier if they knew, but with the girls at 4 and 5, my wife thinks it's better not confuse them now.

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    I PF, go Partially Femme most days for anything from 90 minutes to 4-5 hours depending upon my SO's itinerary. The other day I was sat in the lounge in a skirt browsing the web on my tablet when I realised I'd left my jogging bottoms in the kitchen. So no quick change available if she appeared. I know I've grown totally comfortable in wearing femme stuff, it's become second nature but I need to remember that I need to stay vigilant if I'm not to find myself suddenly answering some difficult questions.

    Life can be difficult to manage at times. Goes with the closeted turf I suppose.
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    I feel so blessed to have an understanding and supportive wife who lets me dress whenever I want for as long or short a time as I want. In return, I make sure there's plenty of "us" time with the man that she married.

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    I remember the days when all the time I had was "grabbing some crumbs of time." That's what I call the quick change sessions. Since my wife does not drive due to a depth perception problem I usually did not have to worry about unexpected arrivals. She had to call me to pick her up from someplace or after work. Other than knocks on the door which I never answered I did not have to worry. However, it can be really frustrating to have all the desire built up and not have any relief at all. A real bummer.

    DADT can be totally nerve wracking. My wife has not have an idea to the extent of my wardrobe. She will not open my armoire for any reason less she find something she does not want to see, although there is really nothing in there to see. On occasion she has found an article of clothing I failed to put away (panty or bra). She says nothing other than she found it and placed it out of sight on top of the washing machine. Once she has found this site open with my handle showing. All she said was I needed to be more careful. Not because she saw it, but, rather of some visitor used the computer.

    Sometimes I wonder if a DADT marriage would benefit of a mishap or two. If a wife knows her husband cross dresses in her absence and arrives home early, what can really happen if she see a feminine garment laying on the bed? At a minimum maybe she would realize she should have called before heading home.

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    I read about those in DADT relationships and ask myself, "is that a partnership between equals, or a master/servant?". It looks to me like all the compromises are being made by the CD husband, and the spouse's beliefs and attitudes are not even being challenged.

    We have a right to exist, and to express our gender preferences. Sure, we need to keep in mind the feelings of our spouses, but DADT is where you are making all the concessions and your wife is making none at all. What kind of marriage is that?

    There, I said it. Sorry about stepping on some toes, but I think there needs to be a word or two about how inequitable some relationships can be.

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    I often read threads on this very subject and wonder how many caught good and proper and what happens later. I am only too greatful to be living on my own and can please myself.
    I started life a lost man now I am a found woman

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    Honestly, it sounds like you did get caught. Trust me she knows exactly what that a breast enhancer looks like. She didn't make a stink and gave you the space you needed to put your things away. Since she knows you dress you could have said something like you caught me. Anyway, I am very glad things worked out.

    My wife is accepting and supportive of my dressing and doesn't really care if I dress, within reason, when she is home. While she finds a continuous flow of panties in the wash, I have only dressed in front of her a couple of times. Why? I don't want to overwhelm her and I am just not comfortable wearing a skirt, heels, bra, and a blouse in front of her. I keep thinking I should start wearing more subtlety fem clothes around the house like jeans, pink socks, and such.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    Marsha, You were caught. Your wife decided to let you go. The question as to what is this, was more of a don't let it happen again.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    Hi Marsha, Jamie is right, you were caught. Being in a DADT relationship too I know the feeling. Thanks for sharing your story it brought a smile to me. Brenda

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    I think many of us have been in a similar situation at least one time if not more. Before my wife learned of my crossdressing I lived in constant fear of just such an event. Now my clothes and things hang in our closet and while she's not totally accepting she's at least tolerant. It is way less stressful now that I don't have to worry about her finding my things or catching me.

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    I remember the days before I came out to my wife and took that big chance.

    Hiding all my clothes in the car, in the attic, in the shed, in .... (add your favorite spot). I'd decline going shopping with her so that I could have an hour or two to dress, then all the scrambling to make sure everything was put away out of sight. The times when it was THIS CLOSE as she pulled in the driveway when I thought I had more time. The time she came home early and luckily I had the door locked on the inside and she couldn't get in.
    What a relief it was to come clean and even though it was a huge risk marriage wise I just couldn't take the sneaking and stealing time anymore.
    I'm one of the lucky ones. She was open to talking and crying (lots of crying) and eventually open to seeing me dressed. Now she is fully supportive and we go out all the time together. In fact one of her requests was that we always go together so if something happened she could at least be there to call 911 (she didn't have a cell phone at the time).

    Those days were close calls, near heart attacks, sweaty palms, lies and deception and I am SO glad they are over. We became even closer because of my honesty. We spend every minute we can together and I'm no longer in the closet.

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    My wife found out because I was careless and left out one of my matching bra/ panty sets. She asked 1 question- Are yout a crossdresser? I answered Yes, and she said that was better than having an affair.

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    I’ve noticed that there seems to be a small subset of girls that seem to actually enjoy sneaking around behind their S/Os back. Not that there is anything wrong with being an adrenaline junkie, but it will likely lead you to riskier and riskier behaviors until you are eventually caught. Fair warning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzanne View Post
    I read about those in DADT relationships and ask myself, "is that a partnership between equals, or a master/servant?". It looks to me like all the compromises are being made by the CD husband, and the spouse's beliefs and attitudes are not even being challenged.

    We have a right to exist, and to express our gender preferences. Sure, we need to keep in mind the feelings of our spouses, but DADT is where you are making all the concessions and your wife is making none at all. What kind of marriage is that?

    There, I said it. Sorry about stepping on some toes, but I think there needs to be a word or two about how inequitable some relationships can be.
    I am going to have to agree here.
    I think some of these men are just afraid of their wives.
    Don't get pissed OK its just my opinion

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