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Thread: What Happened When You and Your Wife Retired?

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    Living in the present
    I have not worked since last February and since that time I have had much more time to dress around the house.
    My flat mate has gradually gotten used to seeing me dressed, and although she still occasionally expresses unkind thoughts, she says she fully accepts this side of me personality.
    Advanced age has also meant that I have lost quite a few of my inhibitions.
    'Retirement' has been good to me.

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    I work from home and my wife goes out to work. That gives me 8 hours a day to dress and go out. We have a DADT situation. My wife wants to retire next June. I want to have a talk and express my feelings but based on past reactions I?m scared to bring it up.
    She says she loves me and I?m a great husband so why can?t she be a little more accepting of my needs? I also love her dearly but not looking forward to her retirement.

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    Her response of course will be why can't YOU be more tolerant of HER needs! Be ready with a calm, well thought out reply. And then state your case in favor of dressing.

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    I'm surprised no one mentioned any change in income. When we both retired our household income decreased. It didn't result in poverty, but it was noticeable. It adds to the increase in "together time" in ways that sometimes caused additional stress. In our case it didn't cause a separation, but I can easily see that it might.

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    I like Kim's situation the best..I've had no sex with my SO in
    over 10 yrs..I mean why not just live separately?
    And it's not about my dressing because she only saw me dress
    once & helped me with the make up..

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    Stephanie, You have shared that she knows you dress. Do you openly underdress? You said that you have quite a panty collection. Does underdressing help? Would she be tolerant of this? Perhaps you can venture slowly into introducing more feminine items into your daily wear. But why not talk with her about wanting to do so, why not tell her that you were in the habit of wearing some things that make you feel good when she was away at work and telling her you would like to continue to do so. Wouldn’t this be the logical next step? Nancy
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    Does not really apply, but my wife and I had been fighting for years.
    definitely an unhealthy relationship. Do to health issue of mine, I stopped working
    almost 2.5 years ago, that caused even more strain on the relationship.
    We are separated now and working on divorce. I live alone, hate it. but I live alone.
    I can dress whenever I want,

    I would definitely not recommend this route for anyone.
    hopefully those with happy marriages can come to a good solution.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    I think its going to be something you will have to figure out on your own. Your wife knows, that's a good thing and a big obstacle that has already been overcome. How do you think having "the talk" would go? Is it worth the risk if it doesn't go well? I can understand why you might not want to dress in front of your wife, even if the talk went well.

    Perhaps finding a hobby or purpose that takes you away from home for a few days at a time could be part of the solution? Regardless of dressing I find I need a few days by myself occasionally. I absolutely love my wife but sometimes I just need to be away from everyone. Travelling for work gave that to me because in the down time I would go off by myself and explore a new city and just have time to be alone.....and then in a few days I was back to being submersed in my family wanting every second of my attention.

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