What happened when you and your wife retired? A little background as to our situation. My wife knows I like/need to wear women's clothing. She has found an article or two that I had overlooked and not put away; panty and bra. She found my homemade breast forms in the kitchen sink; white water balloons. She knows I am on this site as I had left the browser open, got distracted, and, did not close it out. She came behind me and noticed the site. All she said was I should be more careful. No snide comments ever.

I have been retired since 2008. That a full eleven years. During that time my wife continued to work part time, but, full days. So I was guaranteed anywhere from one day a week to five days of seven plus hours of femme time. I did all the domestic chores attired in dress and heels. Except for medical time off things went along until this past year when she fully retired. Now there is no guarantee of femme time. Last March she did visit her cousin out of state which gave me nine days and eight nights of 24/7 Stephanie time. Until last night when she went to babysit for our daughter I have had no opportunity to be en femme. She has committed herself to babysit again overnight on New Years' Eve. We do sleep apart due to medical issues. At night I sleep in a nylon nightie and panty. That's about the extent of my dressing with some regularity. I keep sane by participating on this site, and, "collecting" different colors and patterns of my favorite styles of panties.

So, the question. How did you retirees make the transition from some guarantee of private time to almost no time?