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Thread: I wore a skirt today!

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    I wore a skirt today!

    So this is a big deal for 2 reasons. 1.) Skirts never work with me because of my shape and 2.) I wore it in boymode.

    So I had a black long sleeve shirt. A high waisted plaid skirt, black leggings and boots that came just below my knee. While you can tell it's not a kilt, the general look kind of seemed like it. Went and got my hair and nails done.

    Side note, I wore some looser leggings out with my family that doesn't know and no one noticed lol.

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    Well, I wore a skirt today also, I usually do anyway. Well the door bell rang, and I went and
    answered it. It was a UPS Delivery, He asked my name, I said yes, I opened the screen door,
    reached for the package, sigh a scribble on his screen,and he went away. I do not think he
    ever noticed I was wearing a skirt.

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    Congratulations. Every step forward is a good thing. I have seen men in skirts around town locally and I think is is a positive step towards acceptance of different modes of dress for everyone, so please keep it up. I still remember when girls weren't permitted to wear slacks (1950s). And as to the body shape thing, you just need to try different styles until you find what works with your figure.

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    I wear the kilts and play the pipes. Trust me, NO one thought it was a kilt. One does NOT wear the kilts with tights and knee boots.

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    See people don't care what you wear.

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    People notice, but don't care. They may think if you as unusual, but not a freak. Just put together an outfit that gives you confidence, then get out there and own it.

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